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Hi Spence Searchers, thank you for not pointing out the obvious, of
course, it is VIRGINIA. Hit the wrong key. I have had so many requests
for pages from this book. I will post a page or so a day, might be easier
and cheaper.

On page 362 - Andrew J. Simmerman married Mary J. Daugherty, Sept.
12,1859. Issue l. Alice, married Joseph Thomas; issue, 2. Sarah Jane,
married her cousin, JOSEPH M. SPENCE; issue. See SPENCE HISTORY 3.James
Harvey, married Nannie Kegley, daughter of Geo.Kegley; issue.
4.Jennetta,married W.L.Grubb. 5.Joseph L.,married Frankie Wisely,now
deceased.6.John,married Cordella Etter; issue.7.Tilden, married Lula Fry;
issue 8.William H.,married Elizabeth Irvine;issue.

THE SPENCE FAMILY by Mrs. Audrey Kemper Spence of Wytheville, Virginia

"The Scotch-Irish" by Charles A. Hanna, Vol. I,page 345, says, "A faint
clue exists in Fife through the old privileges of the Clan MacDuff which
were certainly claimed by the families of de Spens and de Arbuthnot,
whilst the Seneschalstrep was held by de Blair and de Balfour. The
latter office seems to have been invariably conferred upon a near
kinsman, though in eith case it may of course have been acquired by
From Spens of Lathallam:
"The family of Spens is of very high antiquity in Scotland,
descended from a younger son of the Earl of Fife, as it had been in use
of carrying in its armorial bearing the lion rampant of the great McDuff,
which denotes descent from that ancient house."
Spens of Lathallam (page 169,Burke's Com.): Thomas deSpens who in
the reign of Robert Bruce, is mentioned in a charter of donation to the
monastery of Loltray, together with Sir Robert Keith, great Marshal of
Scotland, Sir Richard Keith, his brother, and John Keith, his son,&c.
This charter has no date, but appears to have been granted about the year
1320. He is a witness in another charter to the same monastery, with the
said Robert Keith,&c. This charter also wants a date, but must have been
in or before 1332 in which Sir Robert Keith lost his life fighting in
defence of the liberties of his country at the disastrous battle of
Duplin. Thomas de Spens died shortly after, and was succeeded by his son
William de spens, who is mentioned in an authentic writ in favor of his
son, William, etc.---Lathallam had been their chief seat and title ever
since the reign of Robt. II.
Hanna, Vol. II, page 404: The English name of Spencer is steward or
butler, from Spens a butlery, whence the Scotch name of Spence.
The roll of Battle Abbey, A.D. 1066, contains the name of DeSpencer
along with others.
The Virginia State Library has compited within its indexes a list of
the Revolutionary soldiers by the name of Spence.
David Spence, wife Esther, lived in North Carolina. See North
Carolina notes. David Spence married Esther Lambord, Jan 27, 1804, in
Randolph County,N.C. Miles McDanier,witness. David was born in Rowan
County,NC; lived for awhile in Guilford County,NC; and died in Surry
County,NC; but was buried on top of the Blue Ridge mountains in Alleghany
County,NC. It is thought that he was one of five brothers. The writer and
others have more data concerning the early history of this family, but
lack of space prevents giving it. Esther Spence died and was buried in
Surry County,NC.
Page 365

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