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From: "Margaret L Sopp" <>
Subject: [SPRINKLE] Need Your Help on Martin L. Sprinkle
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 11:48:22 -0500

Hello again:

A couple years ago, Sprinkle researcher Aleta Dyer sent me a
message with a list of the children thought to belong to Moses
Sprinkle & Jahassa Evans. Moses (b. c. 1821) is a Maury Co., TN
Sprinkle who moved to Lauderdale Co., MS and then on to Crawford
Co., AR.

One of the "children" listed for Moses & Jahassa was Martin L.
Sprinkle. However, from reading what Aleta wrote on Martin, I get
the feeling that he was attached to Moses by a cousin of Aleta's
more because he was married in Crawford Co. than because of any
other evidence (kind of the "right place" at the "right time" deal).

The marriage record in Crawford Co. indicates Martin was 24 in Dec
1886, which means an 1862 or so birth. Thus, he should be on
the 1870 census with Moses & Jahassa as a 7 or 8-year old. He's

1870 Census, Lafayette Twp., Belmont P.O., Crawford Co., AR, Pg.
Dwelling & Family 43 (image 48):
Moses Sprinkle, 50, Mill Right, - - - -, $200, b. S. TN
Josephine, 45, keeping house, b. AL
James, 17, farm hand, b. Miss
Missouria (sex was changed from f to m or m to f), 14, b. Miss
Hulda, 11, b. Miss
Thos. B., [can't read age; almost looks like ditto marks], b. Miss
R. L. (male), 2, b. AR
Susan P. Oliver, 25, b. Miss
George, 7, b. Miss
M. K. (female), 5, b. Miss

Except for Thomas' age and the sex of "Missouria," the census image
is amazingly clear and easy to read, so it's not an issue of
misinterpreting what's on the census.

We know from other records that:
James = James Jackson Sprinkle
Missouria = Moses Austin Sprinkle
Hulda = Lettie Sprinkle (believe it or not)
Thos. B. = Thomas Vincent Sprinkle (often seen as Thomas B.
Susan P. Oliver = Susan Sprinkle Oliver, Moses & Jahassa's eldest

Does R. L. = Martin L.???? I have not seen R. L. in any other

If R. L. = Martin L., his age is off when compared to the
marriage record (should be 7 or 8). The ages for the other children
on the 1870 census are good. So this is a 5 or 6 year discrepancy
in age AND the initials are wrong. Is it kind of a stretch to say
R. L. = Martin L.

But if that's the case and Martin L. = R. L., then everything is
cool. But if he doesn't, then could Martin L. be M. L. Sprinkle
who is a s/o Moses' cousin, William Sprinkle? William also lived
in Crawford Co., AR. He had a 12-year old son on the 1870 census
with the initials M. L., which makes him only about 4 years older
than Martin L.'s age on the marriage license (considering the
inaccuracy of ages on census records and in marriage records, that
isn't that much of a discrepancy).

If those of you who are related to the Maury Co., TN group or who
are interested in this family could think about this and post your
thoughts, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to make sure we are
attaching the right folks.


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