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From: "gary hodge" <>
Subject: Re: [STS] List Admins Important!!
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 07:00:31 +0100

Hi Dave
You can retrieve your emails from the rootsweb archives,back as far as i
think two years, and i think you can do same with private ones from your
ISP,if you ask nicely,and it should be possibile to ,if you ask some
computer experts ,and i mean real experts ,to be able to retrieve your
details from the hard drive ,every thing you have ever done on your computer
is on it ,regardless of you deleting it,unless you have used a serious
removal programe ,which you are not likely to have done.
So ask the experts ,it might be easier than you think ,let them do it it

gary hodge
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Subject: [STS] List Admins Important!!

> Hello Folks,
> Guess who's lost 2 years worth of e-mails? The computer
> literally blew up, I fell over and then trashed the cdrw holding the
> backups!
> I've lost completely everything (including the LFHS mag that's due to go
> the printer on Mon Morning!).
> I haven't got a clue what I'm supposed to be looking up for people apart
> from Lynda in Spokane and Chris in Charlotte and even for Lynda it's
> sketchy.I've even lost the itinerary for the Black Country Reunion (inc
> web address)
> It goes without saying that my address book isn't there any longer so I
> can't even write to people. Plus, I'm now down to one email address ie.
> because I can't remember the passwords for all
> others, let alone the setups.
> If you've written to me asking for something and are waiting, it's best if
> you write again as I have no way of retrieving old mail. As far as it goes
> anything that was sent before 08.26 on Fri 6th Oct is gone for good (even
> though the thing blew on the morning of the 5th).
> Problems with subbing and Unsubbing to my lists are also extremely
> I've lost all Rootsweb mail as well 8-(. It's slowly coming back on-line
> but I'm at least 2 days behind.
> I would be extremely grateful to those of you who write to me to just send
> quick message in order that I can rebuild my address book.
> Dave 8-(
> Really fed up in Wednesbury.
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