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From: "Tony Ricketts" <>
Subject: re: [STS] BARBER FAMILY
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 10:19:11 +0100

Do you have the following

Malachi Barber b1814 Somerset
m. Esther Barber b1811 Somerset
1.Malachi Barber b1843 Somerset died March Q 1889
m. Jane Barber b1844 Somerset
a.Emma Eshel Barber b1871 Somerset
b.Edward M Barberb1874 Somerset
2.John Barber b1846 Somerset
3.Peter Blake Barber bJune Q 1848 Somerset
m. Mary Ann E Davis b1853 Lambeth in Dec Q 1873 Walsall Staffs
a. Ella Mary Barberb1875 Walsall Staffs
b. Bertha Barber b1877 Birmingham
c. John Blake Barber b1878 Illminster Somerset
d. Julia Martha Barber b1880 Illminster Somerset
e. Constance D Barber b1887 Illminster Somerset
f. Norah K Barber b1889 Illminster Somerset
j. Enid D Barber b1893 Illminster Somerset
k. Charlotte M Barber b1896 Walsall Staffs
4.Maria Barber b1851 Somerset
5.Henry Barber b1855 Somerset

further details can follow of line if required

> Her Gt grandad Peter Blake Barber Died 24-1-1918
> His wife Mary Barber Died 17-6-1940

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