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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 21:21:54 +1200
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An ancestor of mine died, Arthur COCHRANE I believe.

I thought us Kiwis and Aussies felt it more because more soldiers died
(ratio wise) on our sides than the Britons. I don't know everything about
Gallipoli but have heard the oldies talk about the Britons pushing the
ANZACs in first, so they'd get buggered and then put their own men in. I'll
have to have a look at that.

There was a good film/documentary recently we went to about Gallopoli from 3
sides. It was very interesting.


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> Dear Bev,
> Everyone knows that Mel Gibson was at Gallipoli!
> No it wasn't just the Australian or the New Zealander, there were men from
> Canada and India, men from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and of course,
> England and France. More Britons than Australians died at Gallipoli. Over
> 21,000 British soldiers died at Gallipoli, 10,000 French, over 8,000
> Australians, nearly 3,000 New Zealanders, over 1,300 Indians and 49 from
> Newfoundland. And, don't forget nearly 86,700 Turks.
> It is called ANZAC Day but soldiers from many countries took part. Of
> course, in France and Belgium the casualties over shadowed these and
> millions were to die.
> So not just the ANZAC to be remembered.
> Best wishes,
> Charles
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