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Subject: [STALLINGS] Kemp Stallings, son of Reuben, g-son of Josiah, g-grandson of Moses Sr of Franklin Co, NC
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 02:31:22 -0500

In my effort to sort through a number of Reuben Stallings in order to
establish which one was the brother of my Wright Stallings, I followed the
path of Wright Stallings's brother, Josiah who died in Franklin Co, NC 1803
leaving several children, including a son named Reuben. Josiah's newly
married son, Reuben appears in the 1800 Franklin Co, NC census as age 16-25
with a wife age 16-25 and no children. In 1810 Reuben Stallings (Jr) is
listed in Franklin Co, NC as age 26-44 with wife age 16-25 and one son age
10-15 and 3 sons under age 10. According to the will of John Cheves 1808,
his dtr Winny Cheves married Reuben Stallings and had 3 sons by 1808 named
James, John and Kemp Stallings. It is Kemp Stallings' path that I found
most interesting since he appears in Hardeman Co, TN 1830-1860 and was born
c. 1806.

The 1820 Franklin Co, NC census is not listed at or, so I am at a loss as to how Kemp Stallings, and possibly his
parents, Reuben and Winny Cheves Stallings, ended up in Hardeman Co, TN by
or before 1829 when Kemp Stallings married Kaziah Brown in May 1829 and
Harriet Bates in 1845. What I find most interesting is that John, Thomas
and Charity Stallings are listed in Smith Co, TN 1820, but I have no idea if
this Charity Stallings is the sister of Kemp Stallings. In essence, as of
1810 the trail of Reuben Stallings, father of Kemp Stallings, is lost in
1820, although I am told that Reuben Stallings died in Franklin Co, NC abt
1846. What bothers me is the Reuben Stallings in the 1800 franklin Co, NC
census was b 1775-1784 and the Reuben Stallings in the 1830 Franklin Co,NC
census was born 1770-1780. If they are the same person, this Reuben
Stallings, son of Josiah, was born 1775-1780.

Therefore, the Reuben Stallings who proved in court 1770 the land sale of
Jesse Stallings to Moses Stallings 1767 in Bute Co, NC may or may not be
the son of Moses Stallings Sr since Moses' son, Reuben would have been born
abt 1755-1760 appearing in the 1790 Franklin Co, NC census as over age16
with 4 males under 16 and 5 females and 2 slaves. This Reuben Stallings
would not yet have been age 21 in 1770. He does not appear in the 1800
Franklin Co, NC census.

SFR has assumed that the Reuben Stallings (Sr) who appears in the 1810
Franklin Co, NC census age 26-44 with 4 males under 10, 1 male 16-25 and 1
female 26-44 is the brother of Wright Stallings and goes to Posey Co, IN abt
1814. I have some doubt that the Reuben Stallings Sr of the Franklin Co, NC
1810 census who goes to Posey Co, IN 1814 and dies in Posey Co 1827 is a
brother of Wright Stallings.

OK, back to Kemp Stallings...............................

Although there is a Reuben Stallings in Franklin Co, NC in 1830, I wonder if
he is the father of Kemp Stallings, since Kemp is in TN by 1829.
1830 Franklin Co, NC census, Perrie's Dist.
Reuben Stallings.............. 0111000100000-0001001000000
1 male 5-10
1 male 10-15
1 male 15-20
1 male 50-60 (b 1770-1780)
1 female 15-20
1 female 40-50

My relationship is that Josiah Stallings had by his first wife children
named Elizabeth, Hardy, Reuben, Charity, Chloe, Rhoda, Penny, Winnefred and
Martha, all born bef 1796. Josiah had 3 children by his 2nd wife, Elizabeth
Bryant. They were Lockhart, Nicey and Josiah Stallings b. 1796-1803 whose
guardianship was awarded to their mother, Elizabeth Bryant Stallings.
Lockhart Stallings sold land in Franklin Co, NC 1818 and came to Posey Co,
IN and married Jemima Philips in 1828, the dtr of Permelia Stallings and
John P. Philips. Permelia Stallings was the dtr of Wright Stallings.

Send corrections and comments.

Documentation below:

Source : the estate of Josiah Stallings (brother of
Reubin & Wright Stallings) is found in the Minutes of the Court of Pleas &
Quarter Sessions, Recorded at the Court House, Lewisberg, Franklin County,
NC. March 1806, pg. 10 - ordered that Reuben Stallings be appointed
guardian to Winny Stallings and Charity Stallings. page 12- ordered that
James Chives be appointed guardian to Rhody Stallings, orphan of Josiah
Stallings. (Reuben Stallings, son of Josiah Stallings, m. Winny Cheves.
Elizabeth Stallings, dtr of Josiah Stallings, m. James Cheves.) Page 19
ordered that Elizabeth Stallings, widow and relict of Josiah Stallings, be
appointed guardian to Lockhart, Nicey and Josiah Stallings.... State of
North Carolina, Franklin County, June Session 1806: The Petition of Martha
Stallings, Reuben Stallings, Cloe Stallings, and Hardy Stallings and James
Cheeves and Elizabeth his wife her guardian and Winnifred and Charity by
Reuben Stallings their guardian, humbly showeth that Josiah Stallings late
father to your Petitioners Martha, Reuben, Cloe, Hardy, Elizabeth, Penny,
Rhoda, Winnefred and Charity, departed this life some time in the month of
September in the year of Our Lord 1803 intestate, having a widow and twelve
children, that is to say your petitioners by a former wife, and Lockhart,
Nicey, and Joseph by Elizabeth his widow who has been regularly appointed
guardian to her children by This Worshipful Court.

Source: Franklin County North Carolina Wills 1780-1861 transcribed by
(transcription contains reference to Reuben Stallings)
John Cheves 19 May 1808 (no probate date) (Bk C folio 169)
"being old, weak & feeble in Body"
To my son Thomas Cheves & to my 3 daughters Polly Tharp, Winny Stallings &
Lucy Jackson - 5 shillings each. To my son James - the 455 acres where he
now lives joining James Harris, Kichen Alford, Elias Wrenn, John Pipen,
Jeremiah Perry, William Hall & Timothy Thorp, which I purchased from John
Alford in 1805. To my son Abner - the land where I now live on both sides
of Tar River joining James Harris, Timothy Tharp, Joshua Perry, Williamson
Harris, Elizabeth Jones, & Briton Harris; also my still & casks. My other 2
tracts of land & 4 negroes to be sold, the money to be invested in bonds &
the dividends divided into 6 equal shares, & 4 of the shares to my 4
daughters Rebecca Williams, Polly Perry, Sally Condit & Peggy Cheves, & 2 of
the shares to be divided among my 6 grandchildren James Stallings, John
Stallings & Kemp Stallings (sons of Reuben Stallings) & my daughter Winny &
Rebecca Jackson, Polly Jackson & John Jackson (children of Orren Jackson and
my daughter Lucy).
EX. friends William Harrison, Joshua Perry, Daniel Harris
WIT: Wm Harrison, Joshua Perry, James Williams

This appears to be Winny Cheves married to Reuben Stallings. If so, Reuben &
Winny have 3 sons b 1800-1808.

Reuben Stallings who married Winny Cheves is son of Josiah Stallings who
died Franklin Co, NC 1803. Josiah, Wright, John, James & Reuben Stallings,
Milly Stallings Jackson and Judith Stallings Gay, all children of Moses
Stallings Sr of Franklin Co, NC who died Nash Co, NC 1794.

1820 TN census
John, Thomas and Charity Stallings in Smith Co, TN 1820

1830 Hardeman Co, TN
(Ancestry image 73/102)
Stallons, Kemp................0000100000000-0010100000000
1 male 20-30
1 female 10-15
1 female 20-30

1850 Hardeman Co, TN census, page 97A, enumerated 9/11/1850
Kemp Stallens 44 NC, married within yr
Harriet 33 NC, married within yr
Ann 13 Miss, married within yr
George 5 TN
James 3 TN
Harriet 2 TN

Kemp Stallions found in: Census Microfilm Records: Tennessee, 1860
State: Tennessee County: HARDEMAN Locale: BOLIVAR
Series: M653 Roll: 1253 Part: 1 Page: 178A
Kemp Stallions Age: 58 Gender: M Race: W Birthplace: NC
Harriet 45 f NC
George W B (M B?) 15 m farm labor TN
James M. (W?) 13 m TN
Harriet E. 11 f TN
Bubia A. 9 m TN
Franklin P. 7 m TN
Authur K. 5 m TN
Babe 3 f TN
William Stallions 21 m farm labor TN
Thos. Stallions 24 m Carpenter NC

HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN - VITALS - Marriage Records, 1824-1950
Stallings, A.K. Walker, E.L. Nov 1896
Stallings, A.K. Hardwick, Sallie Aug 1886
Stallings, Arthur Robertson, Rosa Nov 1917
Stallings, Charles Looney, Mary Sep 1889
Stallings, Charley White, Anna Feb 1908
Stallings, F.P. Hornsby, Fannie Dec 1887
Stallings, J.D. Burns, Ora Jan 1929
Stallings, James M. Fleet, Mary F. Jan 1869
Stallings, John Norment, Mattie Dec 1909
Stallings, Kemp Brown, Keziah May 1829
Stallings, Kemp Bates, Harriett Dec 1845
Stallings, Kemp Fleet, Fannie Dec 1877
Stallings, Martin Wheeler, Pearl Aug 1924
Stallings, R.A. Yourie, Willie F. Dec 1876
Stallings, R.A. Parker, Oda Aug 1891
Stallings, R.A. Bell, Ida Jul 1907
Stallings, Thomas Taylor, Dora Dec 1884
Stallings, Thomas Jeanes, Martha H. Dec 1903
Stallings, Washington Hudson, Mary Dec 1889
Stallings, Will Johnson, Willie Jan 1906
Stallings, Will Bertice, Estell S. Dec 1927
Stallings, William Banks, Ella Dec 1925
Stallings, Willie McKinnie, Julia May Aug 1930
Stallion, Will Murphy, Hattie Nov 1936

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Archives by: Bill Dunn

I John Myers of the County of Hardeman & State of Tennessee do make and
this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others by me at any time

Item 1. I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon
after my decease as convenient.

Item 2. I direct that my land be divided as follows. First let a line be
from North to South passing the West side of the old orchard which is west
of my
residence to a point due west of the angle in the lane at my gate. From
point let a line be run due east by said gate along the lane which divides
land from the land of my son Frederic T. Myers known as the "New" place
Short Creek to a black gum. Thence South to a black gum a corner of a
for 11 Acres in the name of Kemp Stallings thence East with South line of
warrant to the East boundary of my land in the bottom. The land so cut off
and South of said lines, I give bequeath to my son Frederic T. Myers all
to which passing to him immediately. I give and bequeath the remainder of
land to my son Joseph John Myers to pass to him on the saving of the crop
may be growing at the death of his mother my wife Charlotte Myers who is to
the use and benefits of all the land, hereditaments and appurtenances
devised to
my son Joseph John during her natural life.

Item 3. If my son Joseph John should die without issue I direct that said
be sold for the equal benefits of my daughters or their living issue the
or children of any one of my daughters to be considered one heir.

Item 4. I direct that one hundred & twenty five dollars be given to Joseph
to buy a horse when he arrives at the age of twenty-one years, also one
bedstead, bed & furniture and one cow & calf. I give the same to my daughter
Octavia Araminta when she becomes twenty-one years of age or marries. I
give to
my wife all the household and kitchen furniture, my wagon, two mules, one
2 cows & calves, 2 sows & pigs, eight pork hogs, ten head of sheep as many
farming tools as useful to make a crop also a sufficiency of provisions,
groceries, corn & fodder as shall be needed to maintain my family and
for one year. I direct that the surplus be sold and the money equally
among my daughters or their living issue after the payment of my debts.

Item 5. I hereby constitute my son Frederic T. Myers the executor of this
last will & testament without security being required of him. Signed,
Sealed &
Delivered on the 28th day of February, 1868

In the presence of

Jesse B. Franklin signed John Myers
William A. Caruthers
Alfred N. Clayton

State of Tennessee Hardeman County}
County Court April Tenn 1874
Then was the foregoing will of John Myers dec'd produced in open Court for
probate and duly proven by the oaths of William A. Caruthers and Alfred N.
Clayton two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be
recorded and filed. Given under my hand at Office in Bolivar on this 7 day
April, 1874. W. C. Davis, Clerk Page 192 of the book for 1874

Copied at Bolivar Court House June 2001
And transcribed by:
Bill Dunn, 3510 S Birmingham, Tulsa OK
GrGrandson of Araminta Octavia Myers

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