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From: Robert T. Strong< >
Subject: Some More about Quaker Stanleys of Hanover Co., VA
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 18:14:11 EST

ATTENTION: Josephine Bass

My, you surely are inquistive today!

Regarding Mary Stanley's marriage to David Crew: I read the
typed transcript of the White Oak Swamp / Henrico MM Minutes
at the Valentine Musuem in Richmond, VA, then went to the
Virginia State Archives and viewed the photostatic copy of the
original to verify certain questionable transcriptions, particularly
the transcription of Thomas "Handley", which was Thomas Standley
in the original.

My notes indicate that David Crew, son of John Crew, and Mary
Stanley, daughter of John Stanley, announced their intent to
marry onf 1733, 10mo, 1 day [12 JAN 1734, New Style]. In
a later minute which I didn't record, they were cleared to marry.
Their marriage took place on 1733, 11 mo, 9 day [20 FEB 1734,
New Style]. Among those who signed the certificate were
John Stanley (father) , Thomas Stanley (probably uncle but possibly
grandfather), and James Stanley (uncle). I did not make a complete
transcription of the marriage certificate.

I feel quite confident that the 1733 (Old Style) date was correct
because it followed other 1733 dates. The minutes were in
chronological order.

>From W. W. Hinshaw, Henrico MM, under CREW:

1733/34, 11, 9. David, son of John, m. in Friends Meeting House,
Hanover County, Mary Stanley, daughter of John.

>From W. W. Hinshaw, Henrico MM, under STANLEY:

1733/34, 12, 2. Mary Stanley reported married to David Crew.


Only one record of Rachel Strong has been found. In 1790 in
Goochland County her son, James, was bound out as an
apprentice. No record of the husband of Rachel Strong has
been found. There is no proof that she was a daughter of
Mrs. Ann Stanley Strong. The only Strong families left in
Goochland County in 1790 were Nathaniel (Nathan) Strong
and Mrs. Ann Strong. Nathan left a will in Madison Co., AL,
identifying his children, so he can be ruled out. There were
other Strongs in nearby counties: Hanover, Louisa, Buckingham, Fluvanna.
Rachel was not identified as a sibling in the 1830
division of property among the Strongs of Hanover, Louisa, and
Fluvanna Counties, so they can be ruled out. William Strong
of Buckingham County also left a will in Clarke Co., GA, which
did not identify Rachel as a child. That leaves only Mrs. Ann
Strong as the likely parent or parent-in-law of Rachel Strong.
John Strong, III, had just departed Goochland County around
1787. He left a will in Georgia that did not identify Rachel
or James Strong as heirs. The only other possibility that comes
to my mind would be the Samuel Strong family of Cumberland
County, VA. I will need to do further research to determine
exactly when they were in Cumberland County.

"11. Joshua STANLEY was born on 4 JUN 1750 in Cedar Creek,
Hanover Co., VA.

He was married to Elizabeth STANLEY on 9 JAN 1773 in Cedar Creek
MM, Hanover Co., VA. Elizabeth STANLEY was born on 15 AUG 1749
in Cedar Creek MM, Hanover Co., VA."

This is what I show for the descent of Elizabeth Stanley:

Thomas Stanley, Sr., of New Kent and Hanover County,
possibly married Anne __?__
Thomas Stanley, Jr., of Hanover County, m.1st, Elizabeth Maddox
Maddox Stanley m. Hulda Maghahee [Magahea, McGee?]
Elizabeth Stanley m. Joshua Stanley, son of John Stanley


"13. Agatha STANLEY, 2ND, was born on 4 AUG 1754 in Cedar Creek
MM, Hanover Co., VA."

"She was married to Littleberry STANLEY on 2 MAR 1787.
Littleberry STANLEY was born on 2 FEB 1756 in Cedar Creek MM,
Hanover Co., VA."

This is what I show for the descent of Littleberry Stanley:

Thomas Stanley, Sr., of New Kent and Hanover Counties, VA
Thomas Stanley, Jr., of Hanover County, Va, m. 2nd Elizabeth Crew
Thomas Stanley, 3rd, m. Sarah Crew
Littleberry Stanley m. Agatha Stanley, daughter of John Stanley

Mary Alvis signed the wedding certificate of Littleberry Stanley
and Agatha Stanley.

"08. Elizabeth STANLEY.

She was married to David ALVIS."

I should have said [David?] Alvis, as I have no proof regarding
the husband of Elizabeth. I have no dates for her at all.

My source was the 1931 manuscript by Celeste Terrell Barnhill,
who reported that Elizabeth Stanley, daughter of John Stanley
and his first, unidentified wife, married a Mr. "Olvis". From
my research in Goochland County I recognized the name as
Alvis instead of Olvis. You might ought to check in W. W.
Hinshaw's ENCYCLOPEDIA..., Volume VI, to see if there is any
reference to Alvis or Olvis indexed.

References in the Henrico MM and Cedar Creek MM minutes to
persons name Elizabeth Stanley. [The Cedar Creek Particular Meeting was
formed in the early 1720s but was part of the White Oak Swamp / Henrico
Monthly Meeting until 1740. So vital records were recorded
at the Henrico MM until around 1740.]:

1718, 3, 29 [about 9 JUL 1718]: Elizabeth Stanley, daughter of
Thomas Stanley, Jr., and his first wife [Elizabeth Maddox?],
born. [Sister of Maddox Stanley. When did she marry? I
would guess by 1740. Barnhill reported this Elizabeth Stanley
married a Mr. Beaver.]

1739/40, 1mo, 19day [30 APR 1740, New Style]: John Stanley,
James Stanley, Thomas Stanley, Maddox Stanley, and Elizabeth
Stanley signed the marriage certificate of John Elmore and
Elizabeth Harris [at the Cedar Creek Meeting House?].

The above Elizabeth was likely Elizabeth Crew Stanley, the 2nd
wife of Thomas Stanley. Jr. They were married 1726, 9, 8
{19 DEC 1726, New Style]. It is possible, though, that this was
Miss Elizabeth Stanley, daughter of Thomas Stanley, Jr.

1748, 10, 11 [22 JAN 1749, New Style]. Elizabeth Stanley
signed the wedding certificate of John Stanley, the eldest,
and Martha Hutchins. This was, again, likely Mrs. Elizabeth
Crew Stanley, wife of Thomas Stanley, who also signed
the certificate.

1749, 5, 15 [26 AUG 1749, New Style]: Elizabeth Stanley,
daughter of Maddox and Huldah (Magahea) Stanley was

1754, 10, 23 [about 3 FEB 1755, New Style]: James Stanley [Jr.],
son of James Stanley of Hanover County, married Elizabeth
Ellyson, daughter of William Ellyson of New Kent County.
[Another minute indicated the certificate to marry was presented
from the Circular Monthly Meeting.] Other minutes indicated
Elizabeth was a member of the Black Creek Particular Meeting,
and the Weyanoke Monthly Meeting. James and Elizabeth
Stanley were apparently the parents of Caleb Stanley, born
6 AUG 1758. By 6 APR 1765 this Elizabeth was widowed and
had remarried. Caleb continued to be affiliated with the
Quaker Meeting House on the Black Creek in New Kent Co.,
VA, suggesting that was where he had been reared. There
are no references to this James Stanley, Jr., in the minutes
of the Cedar Creek MM, as abstracted by Hinshaw, between
his marriage and his death.

1755, 7, 12 [23 OCT 1755?]. Elizabeth Stanley was counseled
regarding her behavior concerning her son's marriage.

This was obviously a reference to the marriage of Thomas
Stanley, 3rd, son of Thomas Stanley, Jr. So this, too, was a
reference to Elizabeth Crew Stanley.

11 OCT 1755: Catherine Stanley (wife of James Stanley, Sr.),
ELIZABETH STANLEY, JR., Edith Stanley (Edith Hutchins
Stanley, wife of John Stanley, Jr.), and Martha Stanley (Martha
Hutchins Stanley, wife of John Stanley, the eldest) signed
Women's Monthly Meeting book as a token they were members.

This Elizabeth Stanley, Jr., was apparently a legal adult by
1755, so born by 1734 or before. Who was she? Here is a
recap of the Elizabeth Stanleys we know about prior to 1755
who would have been legal adults by that time.

1. Elizabeth Stanley Beaver, d/o Thomas Stanley, Jr., had
probably married before 1755 when she would have been
about age 27 years.
2. Elizabeth Crew (Mrs. Thomas, Jr.) Stanley
3. Elizabeth Ellyson (Mrs. James, Jr.) Stanley, but we have no
proof she ever resided in Hanover County

So it appears that of the above three, we have proof of only
Elizabeth Crew Stanley being in Hanover County in 1755 with
the name Elizabeth Stanley. The Elizabeth Stanley, Jr.,
could thus have been the Elizabeth who was reported to have
been a daughter of John Stanley, the eldest. If so, she was
still single in 1755, or she married a Mr. Stanley.

If John Stanley, the eldest, had a daughter, Elizabeth, who
married out of unity, or contrary to discipline, then it is
strange that there is no reference to her being "disowned"
(excommunicated) from the Society of Friends. There seems
to be little proof that John Stanley, the eldest, had a daughter
named Elizabeth. That purported child should, thus, thus
be labeled a "possible" child. [On the other hand, we know
John Stanley had a first wife, but she was never identified
in Quaker records, either! John Stanley appears to have not
affiliated with the Society of Friends until after he was married
and had several children. See the "testification" against
Ann Stanley Strong, which suggests she was accepted into
the church membership when her father affiliated.]

4 JUN 1758: Archelaus Stanley, son of Joseph and Mary
Stanley of Hanover County, married Elizabeth Ladd, daughter
of John and Mary Ladd of Charles City County, VA.

By 1758, William Stanley married Elizabeth __?__. She
transferred her membership from Fairfax MM, Loudon Co.,
VA (30 DEC 1758) to the Cedar Creek MM (15 APR 1759).

I hope this analysis of the Elizabeth Stanleys will be of
value to you, Josephine, or to some one else on the
Stanley Mail List.

Josephine, when I searched through my notes for your
messages about the David Alvis family, I could not locate
a list of his children and their dates of birth. Could you possibly
post a Family Group Sheet? If you do not feel comfortable
doing this on the Stanley Mail List, for lack of proof that he
married a Stanley lady, a private message would be appreciated.

Robert T. ("Bob") Strong, Jr.
119 Mystic Way, Monrovia Comm., Madison, AL 35758-7113
(c) 1997. Permission granted to copy for personal use only.

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From: josephine bass <>
To: "Stanley Family discussion list" <>
Subject: John Stanley, The Eldest
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 11:43:09 -0500

Thank you Bob, you do a bang up job - just have a few questions.

see below: marriage date would be 1731 not 1734?

>From film of the original Henrico VA MM minutes. This is material
that is not found in Hinshaw's books and most of these films can be
loaned throught many LDS libraries.

"When David Crew, son of Jesse Crew and Mary Stanley daughter of John
Stanley married ; Jul in ye year acording to the English Acct one
thousand Sevin hundred and thirty one. Witnesses: --Abbot, Thomas
Stanley..others, Stanley ----, John Stanley, some Crews, Thomas Glass and

Do you have a son of Ann Stanley & Martin Strong ? who m. RACHEL
and had a son JAMES?

Joshua Stanley's wife - Elizabeth : were her parents STANLEY too?

Who were Littleberry Stanley's parents.

I see you changed some dates because of the calendar change - I have
done all my records from what you sent this time - updated. and this
is what will appear on our web site. Hope we get some surfers that have
Stanley/Strong/ALVIS info.

I just got a AGE-problem with Elizabeth Stanley, dau of the John The

If she is the Elizabeth b 1749 that m. my DAVID ALVIS - then the kids
not hers, and I am not related to Stanleys at all. David was b in 1717 -
and we have not found another wife for him and He named a son STANLEY.
My David, Jr. was b 1748 and he m. Mary Cauthorn in 1768, St. James,
Northam Parish, Goochland, VA.

David, Jr was probably going back and forth between Buckingham Co. and
Goochland Co., VA in 1802 when our Polly was married. Two of his sons
married in Fluvanna Co., VA. It is possible that Polly is the child of
a UNK David's second wife.

1785, 1786-8 Goochland Co. tax lists.
1789 insolvent.
1789-91, 94-5 still in Goochland Co.
1795 mentioned in an estate settlement, Goochland.
1796-1806 one David was in Goochland tax list, son Harris ALVIS in 1799
tax list.
1798 surety at marriage of dau Agnes, m.Turner Clarke.
1800 poss. this David in Buckingham Co. tax list.
1807-1814 lands in Goochland Co., but not necessarily present or even
the same David.
1814 listed as deceased.

Bye and Happy Huntin, Josephine

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