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Subject: Stephens in Stoddard County Missouri
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 19:58:33 EST

Here is my Stephens lineage: My mother was Isabel Stephen. She was born in
Greene County, Marmaduke, Arkansas. Her Parents were Fred Hill Stephen and
Nancy Elizabeth Brewer. Fred came from Stoddard County, Missouri, which is about
sixty miles north of Greene county, Arkansas on Crowley's Ridge. Crowley's
Ridge runs north to South from about Cape Girardeaux, Missouri to Helena,
Arkansas. It is a natural migration route into Northeastern Arkansas. Before 1850,
there were swamps on either side of Crowley's Ridge.

For some reason, the s was dropped from the Stephens name and Fred began sp
elling his name Stephen. The parents of Fred HIll Stephen were William Morris
Stephens and Falby Carolyn Mann. William was born in Stoddard County, Missouri.
His parents were William Stephens and Mahaly unknown. They are on the 1850
census with their children, and one of those was my Great Great Grandfather
Daniel H. Stephens.

The 1850 census says that Daniel was born in Missouri in April of 1839, and
his wife Mariah Clementine Kinman was born in Indiana. William was born in
about 1800, and the census says his birth place was Kentucky. The birth place of
Mahaly was Tennessee. The children before Daniel were all born in Tennessee.

Circumstantial evidence, and my intuitive feelings associate these people
with the Cherokee Trail of Tears that came across Southern Illinois and crossed
the Mississippi river at Cape Girardeaux, Missouri. Crowley's Ridge begins
there and Stoddard County is the next county down the ridge from Cape Girardeaux,
County. It is a well known fact that a number of Cherokee dropped out or
escaped when the crossing was made into Missouri and a number of those people ended
up in Stoddard County.

It is strongly suspected that Mahaly was Cherokee, and William may also have
been part or full blooded Cherokee, but he may have also been entirely white.
It is also suspected that the wife of Daniel H. Stephens may have also been
part or full blooded indian, cherokee or Shawnee. She was from Southern indiana
near the site of the passage of the same trail of tears.

I can trace these people to this point of Stoddard County in Missouri but I
can not trace them any farther. I have found no connection or even any hint of
a connection to the Stephens name . It is almost as if they just adpopted the
name somewhere. The oral tradition of the indian connection in the family is
very strong. But there is no written evidence whatsoever. And of course, there
is the light and dark skin throughout the family. My brother looks very much
like an indian as do one of the three of his children.

James Alfred Stepen, the brother of Fred Hill Stephen ended up in Michigan,
and some others ended up in California and Arizona. A number of others stayed
in Arkansas and Missouri.

The Question is, has anybody heard of any of these people? I have been unable
to find any connection whatsoever with any other line of the Stephens. It
seems like they just came out of nowhere, and appeared in Stoddard County,

But I myself do have an intuitive feeling about where they might have come
from, based on reading the information about other Stephens lines, I think South
Carolina is the most likely with Virginia being the next most likely.

I have been reading quite a lot of messages about the Stephens DNA project.
Does anyone know of any connection to the lines associated with this project?

Thank you
Glenn Payton

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