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From: mary stewart kyritsis <>
Subject: Re: Absalom, John, & Richard E. Stewart
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 17:16:04 -0200 (GMT)

Hello again Brent,

Absalom VA 177- s.Ralph/MaryElliott B143,D138,G243-44,246,H4
Charles VA 18-- s.Absal/TabithaClay B143,D138,G247

The definitive article about Absalom is on G246-247, which is a bit vague;
it's interesting that you don't have the son Charles at all, and it's the
only one that is mentioned in any of the articles, usually simply a
notation: 'had son Charles' in the lineup of Ralph Stewart's children.

"Absalom6 Stewart (Ralph5, James4), born about 1771 in Augusta County VA, is
said to have been stolen by the Indians when a boy, taken to Detroit and
held captive for seven years, after which he escaped, or was released, and
made his way to his father's home on New River. This story is almost
parallel to the experience of Ezekiel Clay, whom the savages, after
murdering his brother Bartley and sister Tabitha, took to Chillicothe and
burned at the stake in 1777. Howbeit, the Indians had a habit of catching
white children, and of burning people. Absalom Stewart marr-1 (bond 30 Jul
1793) Susanna Smith, daughter of Isaac Smith, in Montgomery [Giles] County.
Surety on the bond was Isaac Smith, and witnesses were Nimrod Smith and
Mitchell Clay. Susanna probably died, for it appears that Absalom marr-2 by
publication 26 May 1798 Tabitha Clay. She was perhaps a daughter of David
Clay, the inventory of whose estate was returned in the Montgomery County
court in 1792. On 5 May 1800 Absalom Stewart bought of Jesse Willson for
$20 17 acres of land lying 'in the counties of Montgomery and Tazewell,
mostly in Montgomery, on Brush creek [a branch of Bluestone] adjoining John
William Howe's survey.' It will be recalled that Absalom's father Ralph
Stewart, bought a tract of land on Brush Creek of John William Howe in 1799.
A better run-down on Absalom Stewart might be derived by a study of the
records of Tazewell, Giles and Mercer Counties. Among his children, it is
said, was:
Charles, a lawyer, known as Black Fox Charles."

At 19:36 29.10.97 -0600, you wrote:
>Absalom Stewart b. abt 1770 Augusta Co. (Bath) VA
> m. Tabitha Clay (3rd marriage) May 28, 1798 Montgomery Co., VA
>Elizabeth b. July 26, 1802
>Nancy b. abt 1799
>James b. abt 1800
>Hiram b abt 1802
>Melinida b. abt 1803
>Johnson Stewart b. Oct 15, 1804 m. Susannah Goode Dec. 17, 1827 Trigg
>Co. KY
>Absalom married first ? Wilson abt 1790 and had:
> Andrew
> William Stewart m. Eleanor Walker
>Absalom married second Susannah Smith July 30, 1793
>I'm trying to find out who the kids married and the name of their
>children. There was a Hiram Stewart in the 1832 Edmonson Co., KY tax
>list but not sure if this is the same one.

There is however a notation for Johnston Stewart on G158, without any
indication of who his father was. It's part of a short article about
Stewarts in Trigg County:

"Johnson Stewart, born about 1805 in Virginia, marr. in Trigg county 20 Dec
1827 Susan Goode, born in 1806 in Virginia. A list of their children in
1850: Harrison, aged 16; Martha, 15; James, 12; Leroy, 9; Thomas, 5; and
Mitchell, 2. In the family lived also Wilson Stewart Jr., aged 21, who was
probably the Wilson Stewart who marr. 29 Nov 1850 Martha Stewart. Wilson
Stewart, Jr. marr. 5 Mar 1850 Elizabeth Sizemore."

There is also something about the William Stewart who marr. Eleanor Walker,
on D150, again without any indication of his parents:

"William Stuart, born about 1792 in Rockingham County VA, is said by a
descendant (Harry Daniel Stewart of Ceredo, WV) to have lived in early life
in Tazewell County. He was drafted at Barboursville, Cabell county, WV in
Sept 1814 as a soldier in the VA militia, in Capt. Burwell Spurlock's
company, in the war of 1812, and was dischared in Kanawha Falls in March
1815, after the treaty of peace. He was a boatman, 22 year old at
enlistment, and born in Rockingham county, VA, as he stated in his
application for a pension 21 Mar 1871 when 78 years old, a resident of Wayne
county, WV. He marr. 16 Jan 1817 Eleanor Walker at Charles Walker's house.
After his discharge from the army he lived in Greenup county, KY, five
years, and ever since he resided in what is now Wayne County, WV. He was
living near Ceredo in that county aslate as 11 Nov 1878, aged 87, when a
statement by him was attensted by H.D. Stuart and John L. Mills. His widow
Eleanor Steward wrote a letter to the pension bureau 26 Oct 1880, from
Spring Hill, Kanawha County. children, as given by Harry D. Stewart, a
great-grandson, of Ceredo:
William, settled in KY
Betty Martha
Charles, settled in KY
James, settled in KY
Harry Daniel, m. Martha Belle Hull

>John Stewart (son of Alexander Stewart and Dorothy McGee) b. Feb 28,
>1789 and married Polly Gilbert (dau. of Isaac Gilbert) October 25, 1809
>in Madison Co., KY. What were the names of their children and where
>did they go?
John Stewart is on D318:
"John Stewart marr. 25 Oct 1809 Polly Gilbert in Madison County, the rite
being performed by Jesse Thomas. Their marriage bond was signed 24 Oct with
Arthur Kennedy as fellow bondsman. Isaac Gilbert, father of the bride, gave
his consent attested by Arthur Kennedy and Aquilla Gilbert. Incidentally,
Aquilla Gilbert marr. 1 Apr 1810 Jane Stewart [E206], and Samuel Gilbert had
marr. in 1807 Jane, daughter of James Dinwiddie. Isaac Gilbert made his
will 14 Mar 1827, and it was proved 2 April that year; he made bequests to
James Kennedy and Hannah Thomas; to his daughter Elizabeth Hiatt; to his
daughter Polly Stewart (whom he gave a negro boy named Nathan and a negro
girl named Sally); to his eldest son Solomon Gilbert; to Acquilla Gilbert's
children; to Polly Stewart's children; to Hannah Thomas's children and to
Elizabeth Hiatt's children." Oh, how frustrating. Nothing else.

>Finally we have a Richard E. Stewart who married Polly Woosly March 11,
>1807 in Warren Co., KY. Like to find anything on this couple.

And of course nothing at all on this couple.

Sorry not to be of more help.
Mary in Greece

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