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Subject: [STEWART] Lost son of Hannah Boone and John Stewart ?????
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 12:08:57 EDT

I have researched the possibility that John Stewart and Hannah Boone had a
son for a couple of decades, and only have ONE source where the connection
was reported. That report was erroneous as it stated that Hannah Boone
only had one child......HELLO - I am a 6th generation, my children 7th, my
grandchildren 8th....and many more of her descendants have contacted me. I
descend from Daniel B. Pennington, b. in Montgomery Co., VA when his father,
Richard, was in the Rev. War at Capt. Encoh Osborn's Fort, where several of
the Pennington-Osborn men served. In fact, two of Hannah's daughters by
John Stewart, married Solomon Osborn and John Osborn. Many descendants are
living today.

There were several other Hannah Boone ladies who married others in either
the same time period, or slightly different. Hannah was scalped by Indians
but lived, and carried the scar all her life.

Yes, the source for the correct record is Dr. Lyman Draper's Mss. with
letters from the descendants of Hannah/John Stewart and Hannah/Richard
Pennington. Another source is the book "Hannah Boone and Her Descendants, 1960,
compiled and published by a Boone researcher/descendant (of George Boone
III) Bess L. Hawthorne. Here is the family I have documented, and if anyone
can PROVE otherwise, I will welcome that information.

Descendants of Hannah Boone

1 [1] Hannah Boone Born: 24 Aug 1746 Exeter Twp., Berks County, PA;
Memorial Marker dedicated at Old Mulkey Meetinghouse State Historic Park,
Tompkinsville, KY by descendants April 26, 2003 Died: 09 Apr 1828 in
Tompkinsville, Monroe Co., KY; bur. Mill Creek Baptist Church- Old Mulkey Meeting
House KY State Park; Descendants dedicated Memorial Marker May 29, 2003
.. +John Stewart Born: Abt. 1744 Unknown, possibly VA Married: 14 Feb
1765 Yadkin District, Rowan Co., North Carolina Died: Abt. Dec 1769 in near
Rockcastle River, Kentucky, recorded he was killed by Indians while in KY
with Daniel Boone, his brother-in-law Father: PBLY - James Stewart Sr. Mother:
. 2 Sarah Stewart Born: 1765 Yadkin area, Rowan (now Davie) Co., NC;
then to Wilkes (now Ashe) Co., NC c1778 Died: 01 Sep 1815 in Jackson, Clay
Co., Tennessee
..... +John Osborn, Jr. Born: 16 Apr 1763 Shenandoah Co., VA, then to
Smith (now Macon) Co., TN Married: Abt. 1784 Montgomery Co., VA or Wilkes (now
Ashe) Co., NC Died: 1854 in Center Point, Linn Co., Iowa Father: Robert
Osborn Mother: Ann X
. 2 Mary "Polly" Stewart Born: 1766 Yadkin area, Rowan (now Davie) Co.,
NC Died: 1832 in near Danville,Vermilion Co., IL
..... +Solomon Osborn Born: Abt. 1760 Scott or Lee Co., VA Married: Abt.
1787 Montgomery Co., VA or Wilkes (now Ashe) Co., NC Died: Unknown in
Vermillion Co., IL Father: Ephriam Osborn, Sr. Mother: Elizabeth Howard
. 2 Rachel Stewart Born: Abt. 1768 Yadkin Area, Rowan (now Davie) Co.,
NC (Per Bess Hawthorne in "Hannah Boone & Descendants") Died: Oct 1853 in
Hampton, Platte Co., MO
..... +James King Born: Abt. 1765 Unknown, pbly VA Married: Abt. 1788
Wilkes (now Ashe) Co., NC Died: Abt. 1845 in Jackson Co., MO Father: Unknown
King Mother: Mrs. Unknown King
. 2 Elizabeth Ann Stewart Born: 25 Feb 1770 Rowan (now Davie) Co., NC
(Bible Record) Died: Abt. 1840 in Platte Co., MO
..... +James Lewis Born: 06 Sep 1767 Granville Co., NC, then to Barren
Co., KY, Crawford Co., IN, then MO Married: Abt. 1786 Wilkes (Now Ashe) Co.,
NC Died: Aft. 1860 in Platte Co., MO Father: Robert Lewis Mother: ?
*2nd Husband of [1] Hannah Boone:
.. +Richard Pennington (Rev. War) Born: Abt. 1752 PA; to Davie/Rowan
Co.,NC; to Montgomery Co., VA; to Wilkes Co., NC; to Fayette Co., KY; to Barren
(now Monroe Co.), KY; then in 1811/12 to White Co., TN (Group IV) Married:
1777 Near Shallow Ford,Yadkin River, Rowan County, North Carolina; Married
by Jonathan Mulkey Died: 21 Dec 1813 in Doyle, White Co., TN; Memorial
Monument dedicated Sept. 3, 2005 by descendants in Bethlehem Cemetery, Doyle
Father: Ephraim Pennington V Mother: Mrs. Ephraim Pennington
. 2 [2] Joshua P. Pennington Born: 23 Feb 1778 Montgomery Co., VA (when
his father served in Rev. War); to Monroe Co., KY to White Co., TN; to
Warren Co., TN Died: 15 Apr 1864 in McMinnville,Warren Co., TN; bur. Concord
Cem., Warren Co.
..... +Mary "Polly" Gist Born: 12 Oct 1786 Washington (now Greene) Co.,
TN Married: 20 Feb 1806 Barren Co., KY by John Mulkey (Marriage Records)
Died: 10 Oct 1839 in Doyle, White Co., TN; Bur. Bethlehem Cem, Doyle Father:
William Gist, Sr. Mother: Mrs. ?? Gist
. *2nd Wife of [2] Joshua P. Pennington:
..... +Sarah Howard Born: Abt. 1796 ? Married: 24 Aug 1844 KY or TN Died:
Abt. 1862 in Pbly McMinnville, Warren Co., TN
. 2 Daniel B Pennington Born: 03 Dec 1781 Montgomery (now Grayson) Co.,
VA (when his father served in Rev. War)D.B. assigned someone to serve for
him in War of 1812 Died: 01 Feb 1865 in Barren, now Monroe Co., KY
..... +Ester "Easter" Frailey Born: 05 May 1788 Augusta County, VA
Married: 20 Aug 1805 Barren (now Monroe) Co., KY by John Mulkey; Marriage bond
secured by William Stewart Died: 30 Apr 1854 in Barren, now Monroe Co., KY
Father: Christian Frailey Mother: Elizabeth Harding
. 2 John Stewart Pennington Born: 10 Jun 1784 Montgomery Co., VA (when
his father served in Rev. War) Died: 20 Sep 1859 in Industry Twp.,
McDonough Co., IL; Bur. Pennington Point Cem, New Salem Twp.
..... +Jemima Houser Born: 24 Feb 1788 Pbly Sullivan Co., TN or
Tompkinsville, KY Married: 24 Mar 1807 Barren Co., KY Died: 22 Sep 1852 in McDonough
Co., ILL Father: Nicholas Houser Mother: Jane Houser
. 2 Abigail Pennington Born: 24 Jan 1787 Montgomery Co., VA (when her
father served in Rev. War) Died: Abt. 1835 in Jackson Co., AL
..... +William Gist, Jr. Born: Abt. 1783 Washington (now Greene) Co., NC
(He was brother of Mary Gist, wife of Joshua Pennington) Married: 20 Dec
1804 Barren/Monroe Co., KY Died: 1847 in AL Father: William Gist, Sr. Mother:
Mrs. ?? Gist

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I believe that the descendants of Hannah BOONE STUART PENNINGTON still
believe that this William STEWART is not the son of John STUART (STEWART) and
Hannah BOONE. If you will write me as I will
forward your letter to Joyce Nell who is a direct descendant.

Dorthy MACK
Life Member, The Boone Society
Manteca, CA

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