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Thanks Lenora great story and yes I'll use it.

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Subject: [STINNETT] Story for the CD

Just recalled a story, but not sure if you want to include it or not.

Bertie E. Rowsey and Blanche E. Rowsey were the daughters of Nannie Lee
Stinnett and Seaton A. Rowsey.

They lived in Buena Vista along the Maury River. When they were little
tykes, and just old enough to get away from their parents and go on their
own a little bit, Bertie and Blanche decided to wade in the Maury River.
Out they went and stepped off a ledge, only to find themselves in water over
their heads. Neither of them could swim, and the only way they got back to
shore was to go down and then push with all their might to bob up....they
continued to do that until they got back to shallow water again....This was
told to me by my Grandmother, she said..."if Momma ever would have found
out, we would have really gotten a tanning, we could have drowned Lenora!"


Also, for a time Nanny Lee Stinnette and her husband Seaton A. Rowsey, lived
on a house boat with 6 of their children because their house burned down.
Gram wasn't sure of the river it was.


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