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Hi Kenneth,
My Stogsdills follow much the same path as yours. Pulaski, KY to Texas
County MO. Shadrack was a brother to one of my grandfathers (way up the
line). My GGG-Grandfather, Morris Stogsdill of Pulaski Co. KY moved to MO
as did his son Silas. Silas is where I enter the picture. There were a
bazillion Morris's and Shadrack's. My Morris and a Shadrack married
Cannifax sisters in KY. I do have their marriage bonds and some more
records. If you are interested in them contact me at:

Grace Wisdom

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Surname: Stogsdill, Lasley

I was put into a foster home when I was an infant. After 59 years I have
found my family. One branch goes back to the Stogsdills, originally from
Maryland but later from North Carolina, then on to Kentucky and Missouri.

This would be Morris Stogsdill born about 1738 in Baltimore, Maryland.
He died before 1790 in Rowan, North Carolina.

He married Sarah Williams. She was born in Huntington, Suffolk, New York
in 1749. She died after 1811 in Pulasky, Kentucky.

One distant grandmother of mine was Dica Stogsdill. Her father was Shadrack.
I have an image of Dica's sister, Sarah. I know that at least one picture
of both Dica and Shadrack exists. I am trying to borrow the pictures to
create a scanned image. I am willing to share.

If any of you who read this have any pictures of this family, I would
your sharing. I would also appreciate copies of documents and to learn
of stories or yarns. This is so much fun.

Lloyd Grishow
aka Kenneth Lasley

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