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From: "Carol Stokes" <>
Subject: Re: [STOKES] Cecelia Walker and Sylvanus Stokes,III ancestors
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 07:15:37 -0500
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Good morening, Kathi --

Oh, my FAVORITE topic! <G> What a fun way to start a Sunday.

First, I have that Bishop website, which does have a lot of useful
information -- but not all of the Stokes stuff is accurate. Use it for
hints, but don't take it as gospel.

A while back, I spent several years writing a notebook for my sons and
cousins on our particular Stokes line, and by far the most difficult and
longest chapter was the Swamp of Sylvanus. As anyone who's spent much time
on Virginia Stokes genealogy knows only too well, there were about a
GAZILLION men named Syl/Silvanus Stokes, and untangling the mess was no easy
task. What follows are my conclusions -- based on all available evidence
arranged logically, but no absolute proof. There are some who may disagree
with it. [If you want a copy of this whole chapter, send me your snail-mail
address and I'll try to print out a copy for you. It's too long to send as
a file attachment to e-mail.]

Okay, the first Sylvanus Stokes, born around 1636, was the son of William
Stokes up around Warwick River County and unknown [maybe a Cheesman or
Watson girl] mother. Sylvanus [this is the only one of the early Stokes to
be recorded in some original documents as SYLvanus] married Mary Bishop and
the couple had two sons [he later re-married, but that's another line] in
Charles City County, John and Silvanus, Jr., the latter of which later
morphed into Silvanus Stokes the Elder in Surry, and married Susannah Jones.
That couple had, among other children, a son named Silvanus who married
Cecelia. And Silvanus & Cecelia had, among other children, a son named
Silvanus who married Temperance Clark. This is the most direct descent of
the Syl/Silvanus name, but nearly all the branches down from the original
Sylvanus named one son Silvanus -- so there are indeed a bunch of them!

Genealogical writers have generally confused and written Syl/Silvanus
interchangeably, but I found no SYL in original documentations of the era
except for the first Sylvanus Stokes in Charles City County, and even his
name was written variously by different scribes. [Remember that all these
guys were probably illiterate and just voiced their names to scribes for
legal documents.]

Since you asked specifically about the parents of the first Sylvanus, I need
to mention that some people believe they were John and Ann Stokes/Stoakes,
who came over on the ship Warwick. There are some motivations for claiming
such lineage -- not the least of which is that a John Stokes signed the
second charter of the London Company, and also it allows the northern
Virginia Stokes to claim descent from Christopher, but my version also
accepts that latter claim, and I believe my version better accomodates all
the known facts.

This is probably way more than you ever wanted to know, but I just couldn't
resist playing The Game on a pleasant Sunday morning. [G]

Best wishes,

Carol Stokes

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Subject: [STOKES] Cecelia Walker and Sylvanus Stokes,III ancestors

> Hi
> I am new to this list and just made a connection into the Stokes family.
> a Bishop website I found:
> Agnes Stokes b 8 Oct 1745 Surry, VA was the d/o
> Silvanus Stokes III d aft 25 Feb 1758 Sussex, VA married to Celia Walker.
> Silvanus III was the s/o
> Silvanus Stokes Jr., d between 6 Feb 1748 and 1749 married a _____
> Silvanus Jr. was the s/o
> Silvanus Stokes Sr. who married Mary Bishop bef 23 Sep 1658 at Charles
> VA.
> Can anyone tell me how accurate this info is and also fill in missing
> death dates, etc. Who are Silvanus Sr.'s parents? I had the spelling of
> Sylvanus, however this website uses Silvanus.......are they the same
person and
> which is 'more correct'?
> I appreciate any kind soul that can answer/share any info on this family
> line.
> Thanks for your time!
> Kathi Haymond
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