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Subject: Re: [STOKES] Another Stokes line from Guilford County North Carolina
Date: Sun, 02 May 2010 23:01:27 -0500
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That would make sense if my ggg-GF were not pretty well identified as Thomas
Stokes. He is on record as marrying Mary Norman in Guilford County in 1787,
buying land there a few months later, buying and selling land there over the
next 41 yours (sometimes with other members of the Stokes family), appearing
to sell all NC property by 1828, being recorded in Clarke County AL in 1840,
and passing away there in 1841.
I don't find a record of a John Stokes in Guilford County until 1826, when
he is sold land by Thomas Stokes. He appears in the census of 1820. Thomas
also sold land to presumed son Daniel 1826; Daniel died in 1827.. Charles
appears to have sold his NC property in 1822 and 1823. This fits with
tradition that he was the first to migrate to South Alabama. Thomas and John
sell their NC property in 1828. There is also a family history reporting
that Tabitha Stokes Fulton was a daughter of Thomas and Mary (Norman)
It is possible that my ggg-GFThomas Stokes was actually Thomas John Stokes
(or John Thomas Stokes) and that descendants of his son John might have
heard that John was named for his father.
More later...
in response to what JT Stokes wrote:


Then, wouldn't John Stokes Sr, the Pennsylania German farmer, be the father of
your Thomas "Norman" Stokes???


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Thanks for the information. I belive these are related to me and I'd
love to find a descendent of John and/or Monroe for a discussion of
family history and genealogy.

The John Stokes who is the father of James Stokes b. 8/30/1836, is
presumed to be a brother of my gg-GF Thomas "Norman" Stokes.


in response to what JT Stokes wrote:

This is not my line (as far as I know). I just thought it might help those who
had family from Guilford County, NC, esepcially those from DNA Group 4, especi
ally the part about John Stokes, Sr., "a Pennsylvania German farmer." This bi
o came from A History of Texas and Texans, Volume 4 By Frank White Johnson
Best Wishes,
Jay T Stokes

Monroe Stokes. The Stokes family is one of those that came into South Central T
exas in the decade before the war, and the service which they have given as pio
neer farmers, as soldiers in the Confederate cause, as industrious and independ
ent people in all their relations with the community, and as valuable citizens,
justifies considerable comment upon their names and fortunes. The member of th
e family above named is a native son of Texas, and for many years has been iden
tified with farming in the Kenney locality in Austin County.

Monroe Stokes was born on the Fitzgiven League, just south of Kenney, July 23,
1872. His father is James P. Stokes, a retired farmer and ex-Confederate, who c
ame to Austin County as a boy. James P. Stokes was born in Guilford County, Nor
th Carolina, August 30, 1836, and was the youngest child of John and Sarah (Bra
den) Stokes. John Stokes was also a native of Guilford County, North Carolina,
and a son of John Stokes, Sr., who was a Pennsylvania German farmer before sett
ling in North Carolina. From the Carolinas the family started westward, and sto
pped in their course in Alabama, where John Stokes died in 1840 at the age of f
orty-five. His widow continued to live in ClarkCounty, Alabama, for several yea
rs, and finally followed her oldest son out to Texas. Her children were: Thomas
, who died in Austin County and left a family near Bellville; Polly, who marrie
d Jesse Bozman and died near the old home; Betty, who married William Brewer an
d died in Austin
County; Margaret, who married John Ferrall and spent her last years in the Bu
ekhorn neighborhood of Austin County; John, who became a horse trader when a yo
ung man and was lost to the view and knowledge of his family; Isaac, who died a
t the old homestead; and James P.

James P. Stokes, owing to various circumstances over which he had no control, a
cquired but little education from books and schools. He was the support and enc
ouragement of his mother while she lived, which was until the decade of the '70
s. His first purchase of land is included in the farm where he now resides near
Kenney. As a farmer he showed both industry and good judgment, and has always
been generous of his means in distributing the good things of life to his famil
y and friends. With the outbreak of the war between the states he became a Conf
ederate soldier and was fighting for the South four years. He was a member of C
aptain Hunt's company in Colonel Flournoy's regiment and joined the regiment at
Hempstead in 1861. He saw active service in Arkansas and Louisiana as well as
in Texas, and participated in the battles of Mansfield, Pleasant Hill and Yello
w Bayou, and helped fortify the latter place. His company was in Texas when the
war ended, and he
was discharged at Hempstead, the same place where he had joined his regiment.

James P. Stokes married Melissa Brewer. Her father, Sackfield Brewer, came to T
exas as one of the pioneers in the Kenney locality and spent the rest of his li
fe there. Mrs. Stokes was the faithful companion of her husband for many years
until her death in 1909. Her children are: Sallie, who married William Nicholso
n and died in San Antonio; Monroe; Ella, wife of Ed Joyner of Houston; John, a
farmer in Austin County; Clara, wife of Joseph McNutt; Stephen, a farmer on the
home place; Laura, wife of John Edgely of Houston; Thomas and Samuel, twins, t
he latter living in the home locality and the former a resident of Brenham; Wil
liam, who lives on the old home and married Lottie Meissner; and Frankie, who m
arried R. B. McNutt.

Monroe Stokes in his own career has measured up to the opportunities of his ind
ividual life and of Texas in general, and his own industry and activities have
served to increase the prestige of the family name in Austin County. He grew up
in the neighborhood where he still lives, but did not attend school after the
age of thirteen. While still a boy he became the main dependence of other membe
rs of the family at home during several years of illness of his father, and in
fact remained at the old homestead until thirty years of age and has done a gre
at deal for others as well as for himself. After his marriage he located on a f
arm adjoining the old homestead, in the Fitzgiven League, where he owns 45S acr
es, and his management has now brought 200 acres of this under cultivation. His
revenues come largely from the raising of cotton and corn, and for many years
he has dealt in cattle and has shipped many carloads out of this section of the
state. His


interests also extend to banking, and he was one of the organizers of the Ken
ney State Bank and is still a member of its board of directors. Like his father
, he is a democrat, but politics has not distracted him from business and he ha
s never sought official position.

On May 9, 1907, Mr. Stokes married Mrs. Emma Meinicke, a daughter of Jacob Kaec
kley, who was a native of Germany. Mrs. Stokes was one of five children, and by
her first marriage had four children: Rosaand Lula, who completed their educat
ion in the San Marcos Normal School and for the past six years have been popula
r teachers; Walter, a farmer of Kenney, who married Emma Hinske; and Arthur, st
ill living at home.

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