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From: Scott Stokes <>
Subject: [STOKES] Joshua Stokes and Joel Stokes of Pitt County,North Carolina
Date: Sun, 16 May 2010 15:03:02 -0700 (PDT)

I believe that I have found Joshua Stokes father.  The weight of credible evidence supports that Joel Stokes of Pitt County, North Carolina is Joshua’s father. 
Andrew Stokes is known to be Joshua's older brother. Andrew Stokes married Jane E. Walker on September 16, 1852 in Washington County, Georgia. At the time of their marriage, Andrew was a land owner in Gadsden County, Florida. He goes to Washington County, Georgia to marry Jane who was over ten years his junior. Jane E. Walker was born in 1832. She was the daughter of Allen A. Walker who was born in Pitt County, North Carolina. 
The main reason for the conclusion that Joel is Joshua and Andrew's father is based on the relationship between Jane Walker's family and Joel Stokes of Pitt County, NC.
Allen A. Walker was the son of John Walker. Dorset Walker was Allen's brother and Jane’s Grand Uncle.
See the following for more details on the Walker family:
The following deed records establish the relationship between Joel Stokes and the Walker family.
DB “P”, p.13, 7-16-1801, James Hattaway to John Walker, 52 acres, $235. Wit: Allen Atkinson, Joel Stokes
DB “P”, p.251, 11-26-1802, Joel Stokes to James Thigpen 150 acres, $900, adjacent John Walker, James Hattoway, Alpheus Stokes.  Wit: Allen Atkinson
DB “P”, 289, 1-12-1803, Joel Stokes to Alpheus Stokes, Negro $450, Wit: Allen Atkinson
DB “Q”, p.175, 1-12-1804, James Thigpen to Alpheus Stokes 150 acres, $1,000 adjacent Joel Stokes, John Walker, James Hattaway. Wit: Allen Atkinson, Josiah Hopkins.
DB “S”, p.30, 4-18-1809, John Walker to Alpheus Stokes, 119.5 acres 400 adjacent John Hatteway, mentions William Hattaway, dec, Thomas Hatway, Sr. Wit: Allen Atkinson, Joel Stokes.
DB “T”, p.221, 1-13-1816, Balaam Bullock to Josiah Windom, ? acres, $12 adjacent Drury Bullock. Wit: Joel Stokes, Dorset Walker.
DB “AA”,p.10, 12-5-1816, Dorset Walker to Howell Downs, 68 acres $700 adjacent John Mayo, Green Windom. Wit: Joel Stokes, Jr., Elisha Taylor. (**Note: This deed is significant in that it distinguishes Joel Stokes, Jr)
DB “AA, p.159, 1-25-1817, John Walker to Peter Rieves 182 acres $1100. Former owners: Maj. Allen Atkinson, Vinson Page, Wm. Page, dec. Adjacent Kichen Cob, Benj Atkinson, dec. Wit: Amos Atkinson, Alpheus Stokes.
Note the numerous deed with transactions witnessed by Allen Atkinson.  In the history of the Walker family, it’s speculated that Jane E. Walker’s father, Allen A. was named after Allen Atkinson.
Pitt County is the home county to Samuel Stokes and his descendants including James, John and Redden.  DNA result indicate that there is no genetic relationship between Joshua Stokes and Pitt County Samuel Stokes.  I found no deed records or any other record that seem to connect  Samuel Stokes and his descendants to Joel Stokes.
Other connections to Joel Stokes and Pitt County, North Carolina:
From:  ESTATE PAPERS 1829-1903 of Washington County, Georgia.
Published by the Genealogical Research Center and Museum of the Washington Co., Historical Society, Sandersville copyright 1982
PP.2-3, THOMAS ROBISON: An order of the Inferior Court directed John Peabody, Enoch Roughton, Middleton Poole, John Pitts and Sherrod Sessions or any of the three of them to divide the estate into fourteen shares. Each heir is entitled to $77.65, to wit; Moses Robison, Isaac Robison, Enoch Robison, Joshus Robison, Robert Robison, Henry Womble, Agnes Bolton, Clarissa Mayo, John Brady, Lucy Robison; Peggy Alford, Joel Stokes, Betty Windom and Nancy Mitchell. Said division made according to the returns made out by Morgan Brown, Administrator. Feb. 3, 1829. Signed by M. Poole,
Jno D. Pitts, Sherrod Sessions.
For Moses Robison above, there is a link found in Deed Book “Q”, p. 71, 7-29-1805, Silas Gilbert to Moses Robson 88 acres $352, adjacent David Cobb, Jr. Wit: Edmund Little, Joel Stokes.
For Robert Robison above, there is a link found in Deed Book “S”, p. 244, 12-24-??, John Wilkinson to Robert Robson 300 acres $750 adjacent John Warren, Frederick Mayo, Wit: Joel Stokes, Jacob Brown.
For Henry Womble above there is a link found in Deed Book “V”, p.34, 8-30-1812, Wm. Anderson to Henry Woomble 29 acres, $500. Wit: Joel Stokes, Jorden Woomble. Also Deed Book “AA”, 10-29-1814, James Pollard to Reddick Pollard 18 acres, $280. Wit: Joel Stokes, Henry Womble.  Henry Womble is also connected directly to Samuel Stokes as they served together in the Seminole Indians Wars. Muster Roll of Capt . William Powell's Company of the 1st Regt . 1st Brigade of Florida Militia, commanded by Brig-Gen'l Leigh Reid, ordered into service of the United States by Maj D. Dearborn from the 9th day of June 1838 to the 9th day of Dec. 1838. 
There is another connection is between Andrew Stokes, Joel Stokes and Thomas Robison.  Andrew and Jane's son was Edward Y. (I wonder if the "Y" stands for Young). Anyway, one of Edward's children was named Vance R.. According the the World War I Draft Registration records, Vance's middle name was Robison.  Looks like Andrew's grandson may have been named after perhaps Joel's wife's family. 
The 1820 Pitt County NC Federal Census record supports this conclusion.  The male child aged between 10 and 15 would be Samuel.  Samuel was born about 1810 per later census records.  Andrew is one of the two children under 10.  Andrew was born in March, 1817 per later census records.  The other young male child is probably the William Stokes who is listed in the Seminole Indian War records along with Andrew and Joshua.
Joel Stokes, Jr. who migrated to Washington County, Georgia about 1819 is Joshua’s older brother.
Another connection to Pitt County is found in the Thomas County, Georgia 1840 Federal Census. Mary Stokes appears as the head of household with one single female.  Mary Stokes is living in the household among various members of the Adams family, including Thomas Adams.  Thomas Adams is the son of Colson Adams of Pitt County, NC. Thomas Adams married Catherine Parramore, also of Pitt County, North Carolina.  One of Thomas Adams children was Harmon Adams.  There is a direct connection to Harmon Adams, Samuel Stokes and Andrew Stokes from The "HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, FLORIDA." relates a story that was reported in the Jefferson County, Florida, Gazette:
 "...A bumper year for murder indictments was 1842, but the absence of convictions suggested that accused persons could expect the benefit of the doubt regardless of their station in life. Harmon Adams, Samuel R. Stokes and Andrew J. Stokes, all day laborers, were indicted for murder, but each was found "not guilty."
I haven't tied down Mary's relationship. For now, I am thinking sister in law to Joshua, Andrew and Samuel.  Perhaps the widow of William.
Another interesting link is a deed record witnessed by Joel Stokes. From Deed Book “P”, p. 230, 10-11-1801, Drury Spain to Joshua Spain, son, 100 acres, love and affection. Wit: Edmond Ricks, Joel Stokes.  Drury Spain can be found in the Albermarle Parish records.  Thomas Spain lived next to Sylvanus Stokes in Sussex County.

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