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From: Scott Stokes <>
Subject: [STOKES] Joel Stokes and Marcus Stokes of Pitt County, NC
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 06:11:26 -0700 (PDT)

The weight of credible evidence points to Joel Stokes of Pitt County, NC being Joshua Stokes father. The credible evidence indicates that Marcus Stokes, son of Sylvanus and Cecelia Walker is Joel Stokes father and Joshua's grandfather.

·         Sylvanus Stokes b. 1654, d. 1749, m. Susannah Jones .
·         Sylvanus Stokes b. 1690 d. 1766, m. Cecilia Walker
·         Marcus Stokes b.abt 1720, d. after 1790, m. Unknown 
·         Joel Stokes b. abt 1760, d. bwt 1828 & 1830, m. Unknown 
·         Joshua Stokes/Sarah Fletcher
·         Ziba Stokes/ Sarah Scott
Here is the argument for Marcus Stokes being Joshua's grandfather.
All below from Pitt County, NC Deed Books.
DB "C", p.243, 3/30/prob 1765, 213 Acres, 35 pounds. William Gwaltney to Drury Spain. Former owners William Stevens (Pat. 1735), John Stevens, heir of William Stevens. Wit: Marcus Stokes, Nathan Mayo, Joseph Hickman.
DB “P”, p. 230, 10-11-1801, Drury Spain to Joshua Spain, son, 100 acres, love and affection. Wit: Edmond Ricks, Joel Stokes.
DB "D", p. 121, 3-15-1770, Drury Spain and Mildred Spain to Marcus Stokes, ? acres, 30 pounds. Former owners William Stevens (Pat. 1735), John Steavens, his son. Wit: Richard Barrow, Jr. Mary Godwin, Mary Barrow.
***Note: The three deeds above establish a family relationship between Drury Spain and both Marcus and Joel Stokes.  There further evidence of the Spain and Stokes family relationship between Thomas Spain and Sylvanus Stokes.

DB "F", p. 318, 11-12-1777, Benjamin Cooper to John Wooten, 200 acres, 60 pounds. Wit: John Williams, Dorkis Williams, Drury Stokes.
DB "F", p. 554, 1-25-1780, Howell Hodges to Isaac Carrell 150 acres 1300 pounds. Former owner John Hodges. Wit; Drury Stokes
***Note: These last two deeds are important because it puts Drury Stokes in Pitt County at the same time as Marcus Stokes. The importance of the link follows later.
DB "I", p. 9 7-19-1782, Thomas Hattaway to Wm. Hattaway 100 acres, 90 pounds. Wit: Marcus Stokes, Edmund Hattaway, James Sumling.
DB "M", p. 13, 12-15-1787 John Robson to Marcus Stokes, ? Acres, 25 pounds. Wit: John Milburn, Wm. Hattaway.
***Note: "Robson" is a variant of Robison. Recall that Joel Stokes is an heir to Thomas Robson/Robision.  Also recall from the earlier email a couple deeds where Wm. Hattaway had been involved with Joel and Alpheus Stokes.
DB "M", p. 546, 8-28-1790, Holland Johnston to Edward Buck, Negro, 65 pounds. Wit: J.H. Simpson, Marcus Stokes.
DB "M", p.11, Commissioners of Martinsborough to Marcus Stokes 1/2 acres lott #23, 40 shilling.
I assume that Marcus Stokes died sometime after 1790 since the last deed he was involved with was dated in August, 1790.
Marcus and Drury Stokes were in Pitt County at the same time, or at least Drury Stokes had a connection to Pitt County.  Here is the link between Marcus and Drury from Sussex County.
Sussex County Deed Book G
562-(231) Marcus Stokes, Drury Stokes, Hamlin Freeman Stokes emancipate Will and Sam, formerly the property of Cescilla Stokes, dec'd as by her yet unproved will. 18 Oct 1788. Wit: Silvanus Bell, Levie Gilliam, Jr., James Johnston. 20 Nov. 1788.
The following deed provides the final proof that Marcus Stokes of Sussex, VA is the same Marcus as found in Pitt County, NC:
Sussex County Deed Book "D, p. 141, 28 Oct. 1769, Marcus Stokes of Pitt Co, North Carolina to Thomas Stokes of Sussex, Co for 101 pounds...400 acres on North Side of Racoon Swamp being all of the land given to Marcus Stokes by his Grandfather, Silvanus Stokes and is bounded by Lewis Johnson.
/s/Marcus Stokes
Wit: Henry Gee, James Bell, William Mason
Rec. 16 Nov. 1769.
The Spain family and Stokes family have long ties. It's know Drury Spain went to Pitt County in 1762. Marcus Stokes and Drury Spain were probably boyhood friends.
Here is a deed that reflects the relationship.
DB "A", p. 18, 8 Jun 1754, John Owen to Thomas Spain for 8 pounds... 80 acres on south side of Nottoway River and Rackoon Swamp and now in tenure of said Thomas Spain. Land is bounded by Meadow Branch of Rackoon Swamp, Peter Threewith, Joshua Roland, Spain's own land and Sylvanus Stokes. Land is part of a patent dated 15 Dec. 1749.
John (x) Owen
Wit: Silvanus Stokes, Peter Threewiths and Creetia Stokes
The will of Silvanus Stokes of Sussex County, Virginia dated May 23, 1758 and proven June 19,1766 is the lnk to Sylvanus (Joshua's great grandfather) showing Marcus and Drury as sons.
The Sylvanus Stokes will of 1748 provides the link showing the elder Sylvanus (Joshua's Great Great Grandfather) as the father of Sylvanus and grandfather to Marcus. 
There are two other Marcus Stokes of this period.  One is Edgecomb County John Stokes son, Marcus who died in 1787, leaving a will naming his children, including a son, Marcus who can be found in Burke County, GA in the early 1800s. The second Marcus can be found in the 1790 Federal Census of Clarmont, SC. along with Pitt County Marcus' brother Micajah and his apparent children, Hartwell,and William. Clarmont County SC Marcus is likely Micajah's son.
 Regarding the 1790 SC census:
Sussex County, DB "D", ?/?/1783 / 2 Apr 1789... Free two slaves. Son Micjor Stokes. Daughter Agness Freeman. Grandson Hartwell Stokes. All my children (not named) Exors: Robert Jones and Sylvanus Bell.
This is the first reference I've seen that pretty well says that Hartwell is Macajah's son. Macajah was likely in his 70's at the time of the census. My view is that the other Stokes in Claremont, SC are likely his children, to include Marcus. Can't be Pitt NC Marcus because of the 8/28/1790 deed record.

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