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From: "Richard R. & Carol Jean Weber" <>
Subject: Re: John and Catherine Stover of Frederick MD circa 1827
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 13:21:07 -0500


Your George Stover, age 24, was called a blacksmith in the 1850 census of
Adams Co, PA.

Your George W. Stover had a brother Solomon b.29 Feb 1820, bapt.26 Nov 1820
at the Evangelical Reformed Ch, Frederick, MD. George W. was bapt. same
place in 1826 (bapt. month not given). Their parents were presumably John
Stover mlic.26 Jan 1813 Catharine Kephart in Frederick Co, MD. Catharine
was the daughter of George Kephart d.1827.

Your George W. Stover's brother Solomon d.17 May 1880 in Washington, DC
(Montgomery County Sentinel, Rockville, MD, 21 May 1880). "Solomon Stover
of the District of Columbia" bought a lot in Littlestown, PA on 23 Mar 1878
(Adams Co, PA Deed Book GG:15). Solomon m1.25 Dec 1845 Dorothy Emma Belt
(19 Nov 1826-28 Sep 1846, bur Buckeystown Meth, Frederick Co, MD) in
Frederick Co, MD (Belt-Waters Bible, transcription at Maryland Historical
Society). Solomon m2.Hester A. Travers, d.23 Nov 1885 Washington, DC
(Montgomery Co Sentinel, Rockville, MD, 21 May 1885).

I suspect that your John Stover is the son of a Philip Stuber/Stover.
However, I lack adequate evidence. Indeed, there are two candidates for
your possible Philip. The most likely is Philip and wife Dorothy who had
sons baptised in Frederick, MD:
John Stuber/Stover b.28 Jun 1788, bapt.17 Aug 1788 at Monocacy/Evan Luth
Philip b.6 Mar 1790, bapt 25 Jul 1790 Evan Luth
John George b.10 May 1792, bapt 20 Oct 1792 Evan Luth
Wilhelm b.19 Nov 1794, bapt.12 Jun 1796 Evan Ref
Solomon b.16 May 1797, bapt.24 Sep 1797 at Evan Ref

See also Maryland Chancery Case 4625, at the Maryland State Archives,

Another possiblity is John Stober, s/o Philip & Elisabeth Stober, b.23 Feb
1789, bapt.1 Jun 1789 Wolf's Reformed, W. Manchester Twp, York Co, PA.

Of course, it's quite possible that neither Philip is your ancestor. More
evidence is needed, most conclusive would be the birthdate of your John.

I suggest that you look for more children of John and Catharine Stover in
the unpublished Lutheran and Reformed church records of Frederick, MD from
1813-1835. The LDS church hopefully has microfilms of these records. Also
look for evidence of what became of John, in church records, census
records, estate records, orphans court records, land records, etc., etc.
You should also check District of Columbia records for his estate, since
Solomon lived there. Your John Stover's tombstone is not listed in _Names
in Stone_, the cemetery records of Frederick Co, MD.

I don't think your Stovers and mine are related, but it's conceivable
further back.

Keep me informed. I may be able to help further.

Richard R. Weber

> From: Mary Watson <>
> To: Richard R. & Carol Jean Weber <>
> Subject: Re: John and Catherine Stover of Frederick MD circa 1827
> Date: Friday, March 20, 1998 6:37 AM
> I know nothing except the name of William and the only information on
> John is from the listing of John and Catherine in the Baptismal Book at
> the Frederick Church.
> As for Solomon, somedays I think he was George Washington's Uncle (that's
> what my mother said) and somedays I think he might have been a brother.
> In 1850 Census when George was (24) a Solomon Stover is listed in the MD
> census as 30 years old FRE 223 BuckEye ST. His profession was
> Blacksmith. You'll recall that George 's profession was carriage maker.
> A family story: William Powers Stover (George's son) visited his Uncle
> Sol in Virginia(?) and they had a slave. My Great Grandfather said that
> their male slave came and asked Sol's wife if he could go to town. She
> said "Yes" but reminded him to be back at certain time or she'd whip him.
> He returned late and knocked on the door and handed her the whip.
> I have Solomon's Will dated 1876 (handed down by the Stover family).
> There is a hand written note on it that says Solomon was George's
> brother. The Will states,he lived in City of Washington and had a sister
> Eleanor S. Stover and ? sister Caroline E Price. He will them his house
> in Rockville, Montgomery County MD. He left his wife Hester A Stover and
> adopted dtg Cora May Stover everything else. He died in 1880 but then the
> will was later Probated in Adams Co PA in 1899 where George was living.
> (I find that curious).
> That's all the info I have...any chance our "lines" cross? I am
> continuing to look for more info on John and Catherine and would be glad
> to share.
> Why do you think they weren't immagrants???
> > From: Richard R. & Carol Jean Weber <>
> > To:
> > Subject: Re: John and Catherine Stover of Frederick MD circa 1827
> > Date: Sunday, March 15, 1998 11:34 AM
> >
> > Mary,
> >
> > I have been trying to unravel the Frederick County Stovers, since at a
> > few of mine were there. My ancestor Elizabeth Stover (c.1757-1839) m.
> > David Stoner are buried in Frederick County.
> >
> > Do you have dates for John Stover, or William or Solomon, or anything
> > else to help identify them? I doubt that they were immigrants.
> >
> > Richard R. Weber
> >
> > ----------
> > > From: Mary Watson <>
> > > To:
> > > Subject: John and Catherine Stover of Frederick MD circa 1827
> > > Date: Sunday, March 15, 1998 11:44 AM
> > >
> > > John and Catherine were the parents of George Washington Stover.
> > > George was baptized at the Frederick Evangelical Reformed Church in
> > > MD in 1827.
> > >
> > > I believe John came to America from Germany with his brother William
> > > and Soloman.
> > >
> > > I don't know if George had any siblings but John and Catherine may
> > > have died young as George was raised by his Uncle SOL. George later
> > > married Eliza Lang and moved to Littlestown PA and was a Carriage
> > > Maker.
> > >
> > > I would like to confirm John's immigration. Family verbal history
> > > said that John and his brothers entered the US through Virginia. I
> > > have never found any reference to ships in the 1800's disembarking
> > > immigrants in VA.
> > >
> > > Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Mary Watson

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