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From: Frank Logue <>
Subject: Re: streepers striep
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 16:56:50 -0400
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> Korte wrote:
> Dear Mr Frank Floque, Being a Striep descendant :the oldest known and
> documented Streep is a Christian Jansz(oon) Striep-Strijp Stryp
> Streip~1634," from Damits, corperaal under captain Winterroi " I have
> followed the Streeper discussion with interest. It struck me that
> there most or might exist etomologically and historically
> speaking somekind of link between those "germanic" clans. I have
> researched many of the ( d',-e,- van, der, von ,
> ter,)+-str---a-e-y-ie-ee-ei-ij-i-o-u-(-p-b-ph-v-f-)+e, er,ers,en, o,
> on, onne, y,gny etc. as you can imagine a remarkable amount of
> variations of actual names and localities existing are possible and
> indeed do occur and are documented in many records some going back to
> roman times and even before.The emporers and papes : Strabo and also
> the wellknown "grecian historian by the same name. And interestingly
> enough an Abt Strabo residing in : Kaldenkirchen Germany. ~1200 if I
> am not mistaken
> Mr. Frank Floque, as you are well know, names and titles change
> slightly acording to dialect, language, custom, place and sometimes
> surpression, be it religious or just sloppy habits. The name Streep
> for example and Streyp-ers is practically the same the y or i adds to
> the vowel e it makes it long the reverse ie adds to the i sound. it
> has a latin and english variation: stripe, greek: strep-to, stra,
> star, stria sterpiae, ster, strata it bassically meams star but also
> line (stirated)strata which is true even in contemparary dutch (this
> language, a variation of deutsch) Even a name such as Stribos(ch) can
> be classified and clarified as such i.e. stripe+bos that is the woods
> belonging to the strepiae-strepy-strepigny-strepitz-
> vanderstrepen-streyp-striep or d'estrabonne "clan" etc.another
> intresting candidate is the not so well known whealty wife of Verdi, :
> Streponi
> Other important sources and indicators are Strepy ~600AD, Soiken
> Stripe ~1100 crusader, the sisters Rixa and Jutta, Utrecht
> Stripe~1400, Jan en willem Streepen Brugge ~1400 etc.
> Interestingly enough in 1350AD the count of Brabant calls himself:
> StripeBoscoDucis, in german :"StreypersBuschHerzog(count of )Some
> towns or disricts still bear this name i.e. Streepen-landt-Brabant,
> Strijp-Brabant+Flanders, ter-Striep-Flanders, StrepyyHenegouwen,(
> Stribro=silver?czech)
> Well, Frank if you allow me, it has become a bit of etomological
> archealogy, the bricks are visable and still we see the remains but
> the actual cement is missing. Lots of evidence point towards a truly
> ancient and noble family with possesions ranging from Paris-south to
> Utrecht-north the Northsea- west and yes, Kaldekirchen-east. A family
> perhaps going back to Sosestris ~2000BC.
> or to Strabo, But most likely to the Frank-kings of the European
> continent, counts of Flanders, Henegouwen, Brabant, the vice-king of
> Ireland ,some saints,:Count Saint Vincent~600AD and eventually the
> "old"dutch master painter Christiaan Janszoon Striep and his brother
> Abraham Jansz.Streip woodcarver- bookillustrator-publisher both
> residing in Amsterdam and sons of before mentioned "Kerstian Jansz."
> directly related to myself.
> Please do get in touch with me if you like some more specific info or
> have any:
> I have given a rough outline of what might be the case. Perhaps you or
> some of the readers can add to my research about my ancestry and that
> of the colonial Streypers, by the way it seems to me that countless of
> other related d'Stre(Y)p(hers) live in the former french colonies in
> the southern parts of states. jon streep ;art historian;
> residing in amsterdam n.l.

Dear Jon:

Thank you for your most interesting email! I am passing it on to the
Streeper email group on This group has many researchers
that will find your info of interest! It is fascinating to me that so
many people from Europe can speak and write so well in English, whereas,
we Americans are so limited in our language skills!

The Streyper/Streeper family is my wife's line. The following is what is
known of the first settler (borrowed from member Maureen Ward's

From Mauruine Carr Ward's Website:

Wilhelm/Willem STREYPERS and Mary/Mercken WILLEMSEN LUCKEN

Wilhelm, the father of the Streeper family in America, was one of the
original colonizers of
Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. On October 6, 1683, he
arrived in
Philadelphia on the sailing vessel "Concord" as a member of the
Krefeld/Crefeld Company, a
group of thirteen families who had purchased land from William Penn. The
men in this company
were weavers, carpenters, tailors, and a shoemaker. One year after
arriving in Germantown,
the enterprising immigrants had already harvested their first crop of
flax, built their looms, and
set up their spinning wheels ready to produce cloth for sale. All of the
thirteen families were
related by blood or marriage. Eleven of the heads of families were from
Krefeld and
Moenchen-Gladbach areas. Wilhelm and one other head of family were from

Another founding father was Jan Seimons. He died the first winter,
leaving his widow, Mercken
Willemsen Lucken and their infant son, Peter Jansen. Mercken married
Wilhelm Streypers in
October 1685. Wilhelm and Mercken were the parents of three children:
Lenart, born 17 May
1686; John, born 16 July 1688; and Trientz/Catherine, born 8 December
1690, all in
Germantown, Pennsylvania.

I am interested in what you say about "...but most likely to the
Frank-kings of the European
continent, counts of Flanders, Henegouwen, Brabant, the vice-king of
Ireland ...", since I am mostly of Irish descent (O'Maolmhaodhog =
and my mothers family of Clancy's! If you can share any more light on
Brabent, I would appreciate it.

I am also curious as to how you receive "discussions" on the Streeper
line! Is it through Rootsweb?

Thanks again,
Frank Logue
Montrose, PA, USA

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