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Subject: [STREET-L] Henry Street and Richard Street of VA and NC
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 20:56:19 EDT

If I may, I'd like to add my two cents' worth to the as yet-undocumented but
(in my opinion, anyway!) quite possible theory that Richard Street of Moore
Co NC (1743-1804) may have been the son of Henry Street of VA and NC. On
page 240 of George W. Willcox's "A History of the Street Family of Moore
County, NC and GA, MS and TN", there is an abstract of a 1782 Mecklenburg Co
VA deed that was made between Henry Street of Pittsylvania Co VA and Thomas
Greenwood of Mecklenburg Co, and was witnessed by Richard Street. Later, on
page 246, there is an abstract of the 1787 Pittsylvania Co Census that reads
as follows:
Street Henry Pyrant

On the same page there is yet another abstract from 1788 of a Pittsylvania Co
court dispute between Henry Street and the estate of William Easley, whom I
believe to be the father of the above-mentioned Pyrant Easley. In "Marriage
Bonds and Ministers' Returns of Pittsylvania County VA 1767-1805", Pyrant
Easley provided surety for the September 8, 1790 marriage of my gggg
grandparents Jennings Thompson and Elizabeth Street. (He was also the
apparent partial inspiration for the name of my ggg grandfather, George
Pyrant Thompson!) Given that Richard Street of Moore Co, in his will dated
Jan. 12, 1804, expressly named his daughter "Elizabeth Thompson in the state
of Virginia", and given the above connection of Henry Street to the Easleys
as well as the connection of Henry Street and Richard Street in the
Mecklenburg Co deed (there are other links between Henry and Richard in Mr.
Willcox's book, but I neglect to mention them here as this is getting lengthy
enough!), I have to conclude that there likely was at least some sort of
close familial relation between Henry Street of Pittsylvania Co and Richard
Street of Moore Co. If they weren't father and son, perhaps they were

I apologize for the rambling nature of this message; I hope I wasn't too
unclear and that possibly other descendants of Richard may find this to be of

Becky Olenchak

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