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Subject: [STRICKLAND-L] Irvin/Erwin, Simon, Sion, Lazarus mentioned in 1817 GA correpondence
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 23:29:16 -0600

I don’t know how familiar the following 1817 correspondence may be to
subscribers. I found it years ago in a secondary source (Whites Among the
Cherokees), publishing information about which I regretfully failed to
record. - Robert


Letters from Indian Agent Hugh Montgomery - Received 3 July 1817 by Governor
William Rabun


I have Just Returned from the Frontiers, and have Sat Down to give you the
names of the white persons (heads of Familys) who I find living on the
Indian Lands adjesant to this County-- (Jackson) Let it be Remembered that I
did not vissit the South West side of the County, I had no expectation
before I set out that any person had settled over the appalatchee (river),
when I got to the Hog mountain I learnt that the persons named in the
Depositions sent to you were all in that Quartr and that they had been all
advised to Return before the Depositions were forwarded to you and had
Refused. I had a Right to believe that the names of all were sent to you, I
was also informed that most of them had either moved in or were about to
Remove with (page 2) the exception of a John Camp and a few others(.) I then
turned up the north west side of the county and the following are the
persons I find on the Indian Lands in that Quarter together with the
Relations? Situations in which they live (viz) between the Stone Mountain
and Chatahoochee River, are Silas McGrady. John . . . [one line missing from
copy] . . . Called Rogerses settlement(,) and on both sides of Chatahoochee
are James Steen Junr., John Rogers, John Defoor, a man by the name of Sell,
two men by the name of Bagwell, John Woodall, William Woodall, Thomas
Woodall, and an other Woodall given name not know(n), and Tabitha Harper a
widow(,) Parker Collens, Jonathan Gray, and William Harden(;) above the
mouth of Suanee are William Garner, Warren Young, John Tidwell, and Austin
Dobbs, at and near the mouth of Big Creek are John Mires, Thomas Dosset,
John Dosset, Obediah Light, James Smith, and Robert Smith, Junr., at and
near the mouth of the Flowery Branch are Bud Mullens, Robert Smith Senr.,
and Thomson Meddire(?)(;) at and near the Ferry are John Lessly, Danl. May,
Caleb Mosely, Benjn. Murry, John Gothard, John Wilson, and Hugh Wilson, on
Flat Creek are Simon Strickland, Sion Strickland, Irvin Strickland, Lazeras
Strickland, Lewis Crow, Sion Crow, and Richard I.itteral, on and near the
Chestetee (river) are Freeman Overbee, Danl. Short, Noah Langly, John
Martin, and Jese Martiri and at and above the shallow ford are William
Stoker, William Baity, a man by the name of Mason, an other by the name of
Hains(,) an other by the name of Hawkins, and John Wagoner, James
Abercrombia Senr.(,) James Abercrombia Junr.(,) Benjn. Morris, Henry Morris,
John Diffy, Henry Barten, Holly Barten widow, and George Davis(.) (page 3) I
did not see all of them, but the greater part of them that I did, promised
to Come in, some few will, say about one in ten, the ballance will not(.)

There are a great many shifts which those people make to get settling on
those Lands(.) some Rent or Lease of Indians or Mixed Bloods(,) others
settle Down on such place as pleases them and get some stroling vagabond
Indian to live or stay with them, they Call his Croppers, he is to hunt and
they cultivate the Ground, they find him a Gun and amuntion(.) they have the
meat and he the skins, but it often so turns out that he has two Hoggskins
for one Dearskin, and this accounts for the Frontier people loosing so many
of their hoggs as they do– others (if possible) more Lax in their Morrels
and Still Less Delicate in their taste will (page 4) Kiss a Squaw for the
privallage of their Land and Range, he then becomes a Landlord he has his
Croppers, Tenants, and Hirelings etc. etc. thus a whole settlement claim
under him, and what seems more abominable than all is that others give their
Daughters to the Indian fellows for the privallage of Living in their
Country themselves, of this Last and Worst Class are John Tidwell and Noah
Langly the Former has given four of his Daughters to Indian fellows for
wives and the Latter two thus a Motly Race are propagating fast verry fast
on the Chatahoochee and its Waters--

I should like to know how far the Individual Indians have a Right to Rent or
Lease Lands, rny own impressions are that Indians have not a fee simple
(page 5) title to any Lands, that theirs is a mere occupant claim, that they
are tenants at the will of the Government, the Treaty Reserves the Lands to
them for their hunting grounds, it prohibits all Citizens of the U.S. or
other persons from settling on them without permits from the Agent of lndian
Affairs, those people have no permits, they are not Indians altho some of
them try to look and act like them, and it seems that to get footholl in the
Nation of these by any of these ways which I have described has all the
effect of making the Indian Black Drink, it makes them inimical to every
person who Does not ware a long hunting Shirt and Mockisins or a Coat and
smell like tainted Dearskins and I think I am warranted in saying that (page
6) If the Com'rs (Commissioners) fail of success in the present Treaty it
will be owing principly in (if) not intirely to the Clamours of those
fellows seconded by a few of the Mixed Bloods, the Spurious product of those
Disgracefull and unnatural matches –

I am Sir verry Respectfully

Your Ob't Humb’l Serv't

H. Montgomery

P.S. My account according to the fees allowed me by Govournor Mitchel for
such services would stand thus

The state of Georgia to H. Montgomery Dr

To Servises Rendered sundry Self and Horse

4 Days at $4 per Day $16- -

Cash Spent 2.50

Amt. $18.50

Which if you will enclose me by Letter you will Oblidge

H. Montgomery

24 July 1817


I have received certificates that the following persons have either moved or
are actually Removing within the settled Limits of the State of Georgia
(viz) Lewis Crow, Jacob Crow, Levi Crow, Hugh Wilson, John Wilson, Erwin
Strickland, Simon Strickland, Sion Strickland, Lazerus Strickland, Bud
Mullins, John Mires, James Abercrombia Senr., George Davis, Edwd. Hawkins,
Wm. Mason, Wm. Morris, Baron Morris, Henry Morris, John Wagonor, Hawley
Barton, John Diffy, Thomas Obar, Wm. Flangan, Caleb Mosely, William Beaty,
Jeremiah Tennon. S. Freeman Averty (Alberty?), and that William Stocker and
John Lessly have permits from the agent for the Cherokee Nation.

I presume it may be calculated that all who have not Claims or pretend
claims to Indian protection are already moved or will in a few days.

Sir with Esteem your ob't serv't

H. Montgomery

Original Source: Telamon Cuyler Collection, Mss 1170, Box 47, Gov. Rabun
papers, University of Georgia Library.

Secondary source: Whites Among the Cherokees, pp.227-229

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