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Greg Wainwright wrote:

> I know there was also a John Perry Strickland of Wake Co., NC
> who married Leah Jeffries and was son of Matthew Strickland
> (b. 1754) and Mary Perry and grandson of Sampson and
> Christianna Strickland.

I think this has been addressed before, but I have the following notes on the
Matthew Strickland who married Mary Perry which indicate he was not the son
of Sampson:

Some researchers have written that the Matthew Strickland who married Mary
Perry was the son of Sampson Strickland and Christiana McKinney. Sampson's
son Matthew was a minor in some 1783 guardianship papers, meaning that he had
to have been born after 1762. Information from Mary Barnett Curtis, a
Strickland researcher, says that the Matthew who married Mary Perry was born
in 1733 according to a newspaper story about his death.

In a letter to Mary Helen Strickland Buffaloe dated March 15, 1988, Francine
Rees wrote, "I personally believe your Matthew Strickland, Sr., was the son
of one of the older sons who were named in Isle of Wight County Matthew
Strickland's will. A Matthew, Jacob, and Joseph Strickland petitioned for
North Carolina land in 1744. This Matthew Strickland was in Bertie,
Edgecombe, and Johnston Counties long before Sampson got his Granville grant.
The loss of Wake County's early deeds might hinder the identification of
your Matthew's father as one of these men, but I feel sure he belongs to one
of these. Matthew Strickland, Sr., obviously inherited a great deal of land
from somebody; he was far more prosperous than Sampson or any of Sampson's
sons, most of whom ended up in Franklin County owning 100 or 200 acres.
Sampson's sons appear as neighbors on Franklin County tax lists and court
records of the early 1800's. Sampson's Matthew--the one who was under 21
when Christiana was appointed his guardian--came of age in Wake County, but
married a Franklin County girl and moved there. In 1803, therefore, he is
taxed for poll in Franklin County, but was liable for taxes in Wake for his
Wake County land. These Stricklands on tax lists were printed in one of the
issues of 'Strickland Scene,' and I have seen their names in the court
records. Obediah was very active as a militia captain. Several brothers
served in juries in Franklin County. There were, then, at least three
Wake-Franklin area Matthew Stricklands: Sampson and Christiana's son, born
after 1762, Matthew Strickland, Sr., born about 1732, and his son, Matthew
Strickland, Jr., born in 1790 who remained in Wake County until he moved

Matthew Strickland was listed on the 1811 tax list of Wake County, North
Carolina, with 1511 acres of land and valuable personal property.

An obituary for Matthew Strickland was in the "Raleigh Register" on July 24,
1828. It said, "Matthew Strickland, Sr, age 95 or 96 years, leaving behind 7
children 58 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren."

Matthew Strickland's will was dated May 7, 1826, in Wake County, North
Carolina. Dau, Francis R Green land on Little River adj. Zadock Bell; son,
John P. Strickland; daughter, Rebecca Massey wife of Josiah Massey with
children Susan Massey, Harriet Massey, Nancy Massey; son, Matthew Strickland;
daughter, Mary Hopkins, formerly wife of John Hopkins, and these are probably
her children as mentioned in the will: Nancy Hopkins, Jane Hopkins, Ruthy
Perry, Rebecca Massey). Grandchildren: Rodney Ellen Massey, Peter K.
Hopkins, Hixey Hopkins, Mary Marriott, Eliza Hopkins, Harriett Hopkins, Mary
Massey, Ameryllis Perry, Eliza Perry, Frances Perry, Willis Hopkins. He
there were grandchildren he left out, but wanted his land sold and money to
go to them. Wit. Jos. Fowler, Andrew Heartsfield, May term court, 1829, Wake
County (Wake County, North Carolina Will Book 21, p. 107).

According to a family group sheet sent to Mary Helen Strickland Buffaloe by
Eddie Womack dated April 17, 1985, "Inez Brown lives on Matthew's old place,
Zebulon, NC."

Rocky Strickland

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