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Subject: [STRICKLAND-L] Matthew Strickland Articles
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Okay, due to an overwhelming response, here it is:

The following was written by Mary Helen Strickland Buffaloe, I copied
from one of the North Carolina history compilations here at the Clayton
Library in Houston, Texas (I can go back and get the exact name of the
book, I was in a hurry at that time as it was near closing time).

It runs together a bit, so you all may need to read it several times...

Matthew M. Strickland IV Family

Note: She used Matthew I, II, III, and IV to distinguish between them.
It was not shown like that in their wills, etc.

"On January 5, 1774, Matthew Strickland IV married Mary Perry in Bute
County, but they made their home in Little River Township. Eight
children were born of this marriage: Frances R. married William Green,
Rebecca married Josiah Massey, Mary married John Hopkins, Jane married
William Hopkins, Nancy married...Hopkins, Ruthy married John Perry,
Matthew V married Elizabeth Marriott, December 5, 1811, and John Perry
married Leah Jeffreys, July 29, 1808, d/o William and Mary Gray Jeffreys
of Little River Township.

According to his obituary in the Raleigh Register, "Matthew Strickland,
Sr. age 95 or 96 years, leaving behind 7 children, 58 grandchildren and
28 great-grandchildren. Received into the Baptist Church on 26 Sept.,
1815, per RANCS w 24, July 1828": (Lois Neal's Book - 5610. His will,
probated in 1829, left his son, John Perry land. A boundry description
was given but no mention of acreage. It is ironic that the son, John
Perry, should die so soon after his father, Matthew V, Because he was
involved in several transfers of deeds in 1828, but the census of 1830
indicated that Leah Jeffreys Strickland was a window with 10 children:
William G. "Willie", Arabella (b. ca 1829), Simon K. (b. ca 1826), Ellen
married Jefferson Richards, John H. (b. ca 1815, married Martha Horton
on September 15, 1843 in Franklin County, d/o Willie Horton, Rolesville,
Anderson P. (B. ca 1820) married Julia M. Stone, October 22, 1843.
Anderson died September 19, 1864. Jasper D. (b. ca 1824) married
Lucinda Perry, February 21, 1854, Jane married James T. Perry, Julia
married Joseph Hopkins, Elizabeth married John Hopkins.

In 1820, John Perry owned 700 acres of land, but in 1827 only 400
acres. We know he died 1829-30, but have been unable to find one thing
about his estate, such as will, estate papers, even a widow's dower for
Leah. The mentioned children are not specifically mentioned any place
we have researached as belonging to John Perry and Leah; however, when
Matthew's land settlement papers were finally filed in December 1846,
they listed his grandchildren as heirs. Through the process of
elimination, as well as first-hand information given by Leah's
great-great-grandaughter, we know their parentage.

According to the 1850 Census, Leah was 80 years old, living with her son
Simon K. 24, and Arabella 21. I have no record of her date of death and
have been unable to find any record of a will. I do know that Leah and
John Perry are buried in unmarked graves near Zebulon, as per
information passed down to her great-great-great-grandaughter, Inez H.
Brown, who still lives on the Strickland land, passed down to her
through Leah's daughter, Jane for eight generations. Mrs. Brown's
mother, Lucie Ray Hodge remembered her grandmother, Virginia Perry
taking her to the graves of Jane and her mother and daddy.

John H. was my great-great-grandfather and told stories to his childrne
and they passed them on to us about the time he went to Tennessee as a
young man and was quite a ladies man. It seems that some Indian Chief
had kept a pretty close eye on him for some time, because he was "making
time" with the Chief's daughter. The daughter had been educated in New
York City. He bragged one time too many and the Chief spread the word
in the small mountain village that he was coming to town to get John and
take him to the village to marry his daughter. Needless to say, John
just hightailed it out of there that very night and returned to Wake

John H. met and later married Martha Horton, in 1843, sold the land he
later inherited from his grandfather, Matthew V, and moved to the Harris
District, Franklin County. According to the 1860 and 1870 census, they
had 10 children: Elizabeth L. married Junius Hartwell Watkins, Calvin
married Obdelia Perry, Mary Ellen married Spivey Ferrell, Kemp married
Allie Horton, John W. (b. 1861) married Sue Jim Alford, (b. 1863) d/o
Juluis/Junius and Elizabeth "Betsey" Alford on January 22, 1880,
Franklin County, Charles married Cora Bell Watkins, brother of Junius.
Binum married? and had two sons, Royce and Gully. Martha L. "Misah"
married (1) Jack Hopkins, (2) Wiley Bunn, Ann married Jim Bobbitt,
Forestville, Margaret L. married John Underhill. Kemp had one son,
Willard Milo, a doctor in Wendell for years.

After Charles graduated from Wake Forest College he opened a general
store in Youngsville and operated it until his death. His daughter,
Rugth Strickland Baucom, married Roy Baucom of the Mt. Moriah Community,
taught school at Mt. Auburn Elementary (1st grade) for 40 years and
played the piano for Mt. Moriah Baptist Church for years. Charles'
mother, Martha lived with them for years after John's death. She told
Ruth the tale of the Indian girl. She also said that she met John when
he came to work for her father, Willie Horton who had a general stoare
in Rolesville and farms in Wake and Franklin Counties. Ruth laughed
when she told us the story of her mother having the first telephone
switchboard for Youngsville in her home and that Grandmother Horton
would think she had lost her mind talking to the box on the wall...."

I will send the second part of this in the next e-mail, along with a
listing of her sources. Sorry, but I can't find a date for this
material, so I'm not sure at this point when it was published.

Lana Broussard

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