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Subject: [STRICKLAND] Solomon Strickland & Amy Pace family
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 23:31:56 EDT

Hi Jane < >
Thanks so very much for all of the information you sent. I do have Jacob
Jr.s' will, Jacob Sr.'s will, Solomon's deed of gift which I do have one
little problem that I need help with...Re: To Ephraim "the track of land on
which I now live and own ??? [sic]. It appears there was something here that
couldn't be read will you check your copy and see what yours has?

Re: Solomon Strickland & Amy Pace's 3 children Elizabeth b:? d?, Malvader
Milicent b:1772 - d:1840 & Uriah b:? d:? that were found on GenForum that we
or Solomon's Deed doesn't have. GenForum site states "Posted by Susan
Strickland in Reply to Re: Ephraim, son of Solomon 1735 NC, by Shannon
Strickland. Also, Jane < . has "total of 16 -
included are the Milicent b: 1772 Nash Co. and Uriah b: ca 1783 Nash Co NC -
d: 1812 Bertie Co, NC and I believe some others but I can't quickly find the

POST TO LIST YOUR SOURCE/DOCUMENTATION? Maybe if we all get our heads
together we can eliminate this discrepancy. What do you think? These
names/dates had to come from somewhere, if in fact they are not children of
Solomon & Amy, then does anyone know who they belong to?

>From Jane: Hardy and Priscilla are indeed buried near Maysville, GA in
Jackson Co in the old Strickland family cemetery. I have been there and have
of the graves tho' they are in bad condition. Hardy's grave shows he died
3/9/1872 age 96. I'd like to know where the exact date of b was found, and
place. I believe he was b in Edgecombe CO NC. I have never seen that
Solomon had children b in NJ.>>>>>>>>>>>>

>From Kathlynn: Am I understand correctly that age 96 is engraved on Hardy's
grave marker? But not the b: date? That's weird isn't it? I assumed that
the b: date came from grave marker also. I previously ask Clare if they were
all from grave markers. It looks like she inherited most of the info from a
relative...Her reply "Glenn Strickland was my mothers first cousin and he did
research for many years. He has proven to be good at the older generations.
I have all his research - some doc. lots not. I have no idea where he got
the info on some of these folks but he belonged to a group called Strickland
Scenes and lots came from direct descendants of people who contributed to
that. It has lots of good info, some doc. and some not."

Kathlynn cont. Maybe whoever did the grave marker, which is sometimes done at
a later date, had forgotten his birth date and only remembered his age in
years and didn't think about the fact that he had just turned 97 a short 2
months prior to his death. Maybe bible records or something surfaced later
that gave the specific date.

As for location: Maybe Clare can help us understand this? HOW ABOUT IT
CLARE? Her records plainly reveal that Solomon moved around a lot which
explains why his children were born in different places. Plus the fact that a
lot of territorial changes took place.

Example - Clare has facts listed I have put them in sequence for better
1735 Solomon b: in Nash Co NC near the court house
[Amy b: May 2, 1739 Nash Co.]
9/19/1764 They married Edgecombe Co NC [These two counties join. Did they
on line with land in both Counties? This is a fact where
I'm from.
Half of the town is in one county and half in the other.
Some people have
their home in one county and their farm land just across the
road but in
another county]
1/20/1766 Henry b: in Nash Co NC
1766 Ephraim [1] b: Nash Co [yr later to NJ?]
7/1/1767 Mary [Mollie] b: in Middletown, Monmouth Co NJ - NOTE: fathers
has Polly? [yr later back to Nash Co, NC]
5/2/1768 Barnabas b: in Nash Co [6 years later to GA]
3/4/1774 Ezekiel [Zeek] b: in Franklin Co GA [others have; one has middle
as Morton - another Moton - another Molton - another
initial M
[10 months later back to NC]
1/16/1775 Hardy 'Devil Hard" b: in Guilford Co Nc [1yr later back to Nash
Co NC]
3/11/1776 Eunice [unah] b: Nash Co, NC [yr later to Edgecombe Co NC]
1777 war [Solomon Sr] Middletown, Monmouth, NJ [10 yrs after
Mary "Mollie - Polly"? was born]? American Revolution
under Gen. Elijah Clarke. Private. In Battle of King's
Mountain and
Guilford Courthouse, NC.
ca 1779 Solomon b: in Jackson Co, GA
1782 Jennie [Jincy] b: in ?
ca 1784 Emily [Millie] b: in VA?
1786 Barsheba Strickland b: in ? [per David Strickland on 9/1/1999
middle name is Zephoria b: 1786 in GA d- 12/16/1856 in
Butts Co GA.
Her son John Milledge "Gilbert" was illegitimate]. [1 yr
later back to
NC? Wow!
1787 Malinda [Linny] b: in Nash Co, NC
1788 Solomon Sr moved to [sic] Edgecombe Co NC - Reason land.
Destination Blue Stone Creek in New Athens, Elbert Co GA
then part
Maybe it means moved from Edgecombe Co to New Athens, GA
1789 Ehpraim [2] b: in Planter, Franklin Co. GA
ca 1792 Nancy b: ? d: bet. 1804 - 1813 in Madison Co GA

I bet Clare can help us understand? Is this what everyone else has?

>From Jane: According to my information Nancy dau of Solomon and Amy d at age

>From Kathlynn: Apparently you have a definate death date? Is she buried with
her parents? Does her grave marker have b: & d: dates? Will you send me to
me? [Again her mother Amy was age 53 when Nancy was born, if in fact she was
b: in 1792]?

>From Jane: No one has mentioned the fact that Solomon and Amy were charter
members of Old Lystra Primitive Baptist Church and their names are listed in
church minutes. I have also seen this and have a copy of the original page.
This was in 1803. I don't know how well known this fact is.

>From Kathlynn: Yes, I had that from more than one person. But what I don't
have is the location. What town, county, state, is this church in?

BTW you said that Hardy and Priscilla are indeed buried near Maysville, GA in
Jackson Co in the old Strickland family cemetery. Do you have her b: & d:
dates? If so will you please send to me?

Oh, Yes do want the Will of Mathew Strickland, Jr? Thanks for offering.

I hope we can work together and get all of these discrepancies solved? What
do you think? Everyone? Or is that a fantasy? BFN

Kathlynn in TX

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