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Subject: Re: [STRICKLAND] Tamar Strickland / William Gilbert
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 17:55:19 -0500

Hi, Kathlynn,

Yes, I think I can help a little bit. Tamar Strickland was born 1768 -
that's correct. Her husband, William Gilbert, Sr. was born around 1753-1758
in either Virginia or North Carolina. Tamar did die in about 1833 in Cobb
Co. William, her husband died about 1828 in Gwinnett Co. His son, Isaac
Gilbert, was the administrator of his Estate. Tamar and William's youngest
son, was a William Gilbert, Jr., born in 1815, in Georgia. He married
Druscilla Canady in Campbell Co. in 1837. They later moved to Tallapoosa
Co., AL - probably by 1850, for Druscilla died there in 1851 or 1853.

Nancy Gilbert was another child - an older child - of Tamar and William
Gilbert, Sr. who did marry a Joshua Welch and lived in Cobb Co. We think
that's why Tamar went there after her William's death. Tamar was actually
listed in two places on the 1830 census - first in Gwinnett Co. and then in
Cobb Co. as head of household. I assume that Nancy Gilbert Welch did die in
Cobb Co., but I'm not sure just when - off the top of my head. William, Jr.
was about 15, I guess when he and his mother, Tamar moved to Cobb Co. There
was a story that came down from one of my old uncles that William Gilbert,
Jr. was raised by a sister of Joshua Welch after his mother's death - have
not proven that yet, though.

Tamar and William Gilbert, Sr. married in 1785. I think Tamar was probably
more like 20 or 22 when her first child was born, and it wasn't William,
Jr., of course. He was their last. They had eight children altogether:
Edward (named after Wm., Sr.'s father), Jacob, Isaac, John, Nancy, Polly,
Priscilla, and William, Jr.

Any other questions?


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Subject: [STRICKLAND] Tamar Strickland / William Gilbert

> Hi Sue,
> Or anyone that can help. Ran across this on my database and it's apparent
> have something wrong. Dates don't jive! William Jr born 13 yrs before
> father??? William 60 yrs older than Tamar and she was age 47, and he was
> when first child was born??? etc. etc. I either have Williams or Tamar's
> date wrong or I have one of the other incorrectly connected. Can you
> 1 Tamar Strickland b: 1768 in Guilford Co NC d: Abt. 1833 in
> Gwinnett or Cobb Co GA
> +William Gilbert b: Abt. 1828 d: in Probably Gwinnett Co GA
> 2 William Gilbert, Jr. b: 1815
> +Druscilla Canady m: 1837
> 2 Nancy Gilbert d: in Probably Cobb County, Georgia
> +Joshua Welch d: in Probably Cobb County, Georgia
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