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Subject: Re: [STROUD] William Stroud, Wife Margaret Rose, NC 1700's
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 23:56:39 -0000

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Please read what I wrote again. I am not saying that the information at:

is incorrect from 10. Jesse Stroud on down. What I saying is that the siblings (and ancestry) listed for him are incorrect.

The above page states it took the information from the book by Jean Nunley Dennison. Dennison's book actually lists your Jesse as being the son of my John Stroud (who died in 1776 in Mecklenburg Co., VA) and wife Sarah Morris. The above site "tries" to correct that by listing him as the son of John Stroud (d. GA) and wife Martha Dozier, but they left all the children on the above site as of John and Martha that are actually children of my John Stroud and Sarah Morris. Read the will transcript of John's will I previously posted. They are the children that the above site is listing as the son of #5 John Stroud and Martha Dozier, but they are children of John Stroud and Sarah Morris that is not related to this line. Jesse Stroud, son of John and Sarah is not your Jesse. All of the children listed at the above as siblings of your #10 Jesse Stroud are not his siblings.

As for your Jesse being a son of John Stroud (who died in GA) and wife Martha Dozier as listed at the above site, I think that is also incorrect. For Martha, you can read her will in Wilkes County here:

and she names no son Jesse.

The theory I have seen that seems most possible thinks your Jesse Stroud **might** be the son of William Stroud and Elizabeth Buckner of Caroline Co., VA, and explain why your Jesse had a son William Buckner Stroud. From what I have seen, there is no actual proof of any of the children of William Stroud and Elizabeth Buckner, as many records of Caroline Co., VA are lost.

Going beyond that, some people have speculated that the William who married Elizabeth Buckner is the one born February 22, Prince George Co. VA, the son of #2 Joseph Stroud at the above site. Again, I don't know of any proof that the two Williams (the son of Joseph, and the one who married Elizabeth Buckner) are the same.

Do you have contact with any direct line male Stroud descended from your Jesse Stroud? A y-DNA test will show if he matches the DNA of #1 John Stroud and wife Hannah at the above site. Descendants from this line (but not from your Jesse) have y-DNA tested.

Rick Saunders

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