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From: "John Bland" <>
Subject: Re: [SFK-UK] East Anglia
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 22:56:05 -0000
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>At one time, before the Belmont transmitter in
> Lincolnshire was switched, Anglia TV covered parts of Nottinghamshire and
> East Yorkshire!

Yes and now us folks in Lincs get our news from Leeds or Nottingham which have absolutely nothing in common with the Fens!!

An further insight is the history of The East of England Agricultural Society which was formed in 1970 by the merger of The Cambridgeshire & Isle of Ely,Huntingdonshire and Peterborough Agricultural Societies. The Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire Agricultural Societies joined in 1971 with The Long Sutton Agricultural Society remaining independent but affiliated for show purposes only.

Back in the 1950's1960's and 1970's the counties of Norfolk,Suffolk,Cambs,Hunts,Beds,Northants,Lincs and parts of Essex and Herts shared one characteristic in that they were essentially rural in nature. The Anglia TV region was created to unite this area and to provide a television service for a diverse but essentially Agricultural Community. Those with nostalgia for the "Anglia Knight",Bygones,
Romper Room etc
may be interested in The Anglia Gold site at

John R G Bland

Peterborough born and bred living in Lincs but still considers himself an East Anglian

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