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Subject: Re: [SURNAME-ORIGINS] DesJardins, Creelman, McIntyre/McEntire
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 15:00:15 -0800
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DESJARDINS (French) Cognate of the English "GARDENER", normally a
cultivator of edible produce in an orchard or kitchen garden, rather than
a tender of ornamental lawn and flower beds. Comes from the Middle
English and Old Northern French "gardin" (garden), a diminutive of "gard"
(enclosure), which itself is of Germanic origin.

McINTYRE/McENTIRE (Scots.) Anglicized form of Gaelic 'Mac an Toisich' (son
of the carpenter or mason). Variations: McInteer, McEnteer, McAteer,
McCateer, McTear, McTier, Matier, Mateer, Tear(e), Tier, Tyr(i)e

McGILL (Scots., Irish) Patronym of "GALL, GAUL(E), GAW", a nickname, of
Celtic origin, meaning "foreigner" or "stranger". In the Scot. highlands
the Gaelic term 'gall' was applied to people from the English-speaking
lowlands and to Scandinavians. In Ireland the same term was applied to
settlers who arrived from Wales and England in the wake of the
Anglo-Norman invasion. The surname is also found at an early date in
Lincolnshire, where it apparently has a Breton origin, having been
introduced by Breton followers of the Norman Conquerors.

FELTHAM (English) Habitation name from places SW of London and in
Somerset. The former is so called from Old English 'feld' (pasture, open
country) + 'ham' (homestead); the latter from Old English words meaning
'hay' + 'water meadow'.

WHEADON - Found:
\ WHEATON (English) Of uncertain origin, apparently a habitation name,
perhaps from an unidentified place named with the Old English elements
meaning "wheat" + "enclosure, settlement".
Source: A Dictionary of Surnames by Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges

CREELMAN - Couldn't find the name as given. But did find "CREEL" and
would assume the addition of "MAN" would indicate a servant or retainer of
someone by that name.
\ CREEL (Irish) Of uncertain origin. Possibly derived from the first name
of "Raghailleach".
Source: Encyclopedia of American Family Names by H. Amanda Robb and Andrew

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