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AD1297: Mary MacElligott, md. Maurice Fitz Maurice. Her marriage dowry
included lands of Galey, OÂ’Brennan, and Cloghanmackin.
"Lodge's Peerage" says that in the 13th century that a Fitzmaurice was
married to the daughter of Sir John McLeod of Galway and that others of
this family of McLeod settled in Co. Kerry. The name of McLeod was
changed to MacElligot, thus giving the MacElligot family a pedigree from
the noted Scots clan McLeod. The reliability of this alleged name change
has not been confirmed. Other sources indicate that MacElligot is a
truncated form of MacGillicutty, (i.e. Mac Gillicut = Mac Elligott).
1584, Ulick Mac Thomas Eligot of Carrignefeilge held Bally Mac Elligott,
Tullygarron, granted to Sir Thomas proper in 1613.
1588, Morris mac Eligott held Ballygrillaghe Castle.
1588, w/ Tralee in ruins, the Dennys used Ballingrilough castle as the
manor house. It was afterwards the home of Wm. Ryeves and Alice Spring.
Mr. Verdon lived here in 1756. Arabella was a third castle of the
1597, the lands of Thomas MacElligott in Galey and of John Mac Thomas
were granted to Edmond Barrett and Wm. O'Ronan and George Isham and
Thomas Fitz Maurice, the Baron of Lixnaw.
1600 (?) Ballingrilough Castle belonged to the MacElligotts.
(BallyMacElligott Parish). Carrignafeela, the stone fort of the poets,
was another macElligott castle, where Arthur Denny died in 1619.
The parish of BallymacElligot is said to be named after another old
family of Co. Kerry.
1630, Daniel Chute. acquired Chute Hall by marriage from the Mac
Elligotts. Richard Chute lived here in 1756.
1688, Col. Roger Mac Elligott of Bally Mac Elligott raised a foot
regiment, which served in England. Col. Roger was M.P. for Ardfert in
1689; he surrendered Cork City as Governor in 1689, fought at the Battle
of the Boyne, was a prisoner in the Tower of London until 1697; was
exchanged to France and took command of the regiment de Clancarty of the
Irish Brigade.
1745, Roger Mac Elligott's son, Capt. CharlesMac Elligott, won the
Cross-of St. Louis at Fontenoy.
J. King reported Dr. Maurice G. Mac Elligott researched Austria and
Europe for individuals of the name, and listed several of the family
members in his work. Several names were found in the Austrian Army,
including Baron MacElligott who was born at Tralee in 1752, entering the
Austrian army in 1770 and was buried at Saint Jakob's Church in Brunn.
In "The History of Ballymacelligott and Its People", published 1997 by
Ballymacelligott Active Retirement Association Printed by Kingdom
Printers. (Paperback, 156 pages). On page 13 is a somewhat rambling
article "McElligott's Castle" attributed to Fr. John O'Donovan (1841),
which begins: "In the center of the townland of Arabella in this parish
are the ruins of a castle called McElligott's
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