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From: Jerry Anderson <>
Subject: HOWARD; MD,USA / VA,USA / TN,USA; 1638-1995
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 23:48:52 -0800

A book published by a distant cousin stopped with my seventh ggf,
Allen Howard of Goochland and Albamarle Counties in Virginia. He
died in 1761, Left a will, had children, the whole 'ball ah wax' ,,,
but we could not find any data what-so-ever on his parents, siblings,
or other ancestors. So, consequently, we stopped at that point and
my cousin's book was published in August 1995 ...

Last Saturday night, I started to look at a book written in 1950 by
Worth S. Ray. The book is one of those books that is poorly indexed
but full of info ,,, 800+ pages. Anyway, he has identified Allen
Howard's father as Allen Howard, Sr (died Goochland 1732) --- the son
of David Howard & Eliza Allen --- the grandson of Cornelius Howard Sr,
& Hannah Dorsey --- the great grandson of Matthew Howard and Anne Hall

Matthew Howard originally settled in Norfolk County, Va but removed to
Ann Arundel County, Md after 1638 ... I'm not sure which Howard
returned to Goochland County, Va (probably early 1700s) - David or
Allen Sr. Interesting to note that one of Allen Howard JR's brothers
was a Benjamin Howard who moved to Bedford County, Va and
eventually removed to Monroe County, Tn ...

The book is called TENNESSEE COUSINS ,,, It must be a popular
book as it was reprinted in '60, '66, '68, '71, '77, '80, '84, '89 &
'95 ... If you have any ancestors who migrated down what is now
Interstate 81 into Tennessee ,,,,,, I highly recommend you finding a
copy at your local library ...
Jerry R Anderson
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