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Subject: FUDGE; SC,USA > TN,USA > AL,USA > MS,USA; 1723-1860
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 18:31:51 -0600


Assistance is needed in confirming the following family structure.
Particularly: who was the wife or who were the wives of Jacob Fudge, Jr.,
son of Jacob Fudge, Sr.? Jacob Fudge, Sr., died in Edgefield County, SC, in
1790. The will of Jacob Fudge, Sr., was dated OCT 1789.

Who were the children of Jacob Fudge, Jr? The structure of the Jacob Fudge,
Jr., family presented below appears to be somewhat illogical.

The date of birth of Jacob Fudge, Jr., is uncertain, except it is known that
he was born prior to the writing of his father's will in OCT 1789. Jacob,
Jr.'s, mother, Margaret, survived Jacob Fudge, Sr. On the 1790 census of
Edgefield County, SC: Mrs. Margaret Fudge, Solomon Fudge, Thomas Fudge,
Jacob Fudge [Jr.], John Clackler [probably Jr.; Sr. died by JUL 1790]. The
1790 census appears to prove that Jacob Fudge, Jr., was born by 1774;
probably earlier. He was not enumerated on the 1800 census of Edgefield
Co., SC.

A submission to the International Genealogical Index purported that Jacob
Fudge, Jr., was born in 1755 in Edgefield Co., SC. An ancestor chart
prepared by Samuel Hunter Leggitt, Sr., of Waco, TX, claimed descent from
Jacob Fudge, Jr., who was also purported to be a son of Jacob and Margaret
[Gregory] of Edgefield Co., SC. His Jacob, Jr., was reported to have been
born in Pennsylvania in 1758 and to have died in South Carolina in 1828. Mr.
Leggitt reported descent through Solomon Fudge, born 1794 in SC, and died
1856 in GA. Who were the parents of the Jacob Fudge who resided in Houston
County, GA?

Which Jacob Fudge was the son of Jacob Fudge, Sr., who died in 1790 in
Edgefield Co., SC?

Mrs. Margaret Fudge's maiden name has not been satisfactorily proven; her
name has been purported to have been Margaret [Mrs. Gregory] Fudge,
!possibly! born and married in Craven Co., North Carolina.

My descent is from Mahala Fudge, who married John Gullick, apparently in
Greene County, Tennessee. [Charlotte Fudge and Rev. Moses Easterly are
also reported to have married in Greene Co., TN.] The John Gullick family
migrated through Lincoln Co., TN, to Madison Co., Mississippi Territory (now
Alabama), and finally settled in Marion County, Alabama. John and Mahala
(Fudge) Gullick died in Lafayette Co., MS. Their son, Solomon Gullick,
migrated from Lafayette County, MS, settling in Shelby County, Texas.
Malinda Virginia Gullick, daughter of Solomon, married Daniel Gilbert Green
in Shelby County, Texas. They were the parents of Maryann Olive Green who
married George Wyatt Strong, Jr., in Shelby County, Texas. My father, Robert
T. ("R.T.") Strong, was their son.

Except for Shelby County, TX, the Fudge family was in most of these same
locations as John Gullick and his wife, Mahala Fudge Gullick: Greene Co.,
TN, or vicinity; Marion Co., AL; Lafayette Co., MS. Burgess Bowles and
Milla Fudge Bowles also settled in Lafayette Co., MS. Henry Fudge migrated
through Yellobusha Co., MS, to Tallahatchie Co., MS. Solomon Fudge (the
father of Jacob, Henry, Milla, and Mahala), is reported to have died in
Tallahatchie Co., MS, in the mid-1840s; he was a Rev. War veteran.

Mrs. Maudie Fudge Tyler reported that the families of Jacob Fudge, Jr.,
settled "mostly" in Georgia, William Fudge in Tennessee, Richard Fudge in
Chester and Lancaster Counties, SC, and John Fudge "spent some time in
Tennessee". She also said the Solomon Fudge "spent some time in Tennessee,
probably Greene County" where two daughters [Charlotte and Mahala] married.

Jacob Fudge, Jr., of the descendancy chart below, reportedly married, first,
about 1818 in Marion Co., AL, to Mary Bowles, and all their children were
reportedly born in Marion Co., AL. Mrs. Mary Fudge apparently died prior to
the 1840 census. Jacob Fudge, Jr., reportedly married, second, by 1847 in
Lafayette County, MS, to Mary Ann Porter, born Alabama about 1812. Her date
and place of death are unknown, but her youngest known child was born in

Was the Jacob Fudge of Marion County, AL, and the Jacob Fudge of Lafayette
Co., MS, the same person? If so, he would have been OVER 82 years of age
when Thomas Jefferson Fudge was born in 1856!!! That is not very plausible.

There was another (third or fourth?) Jocob Fudge who resided in Houston
County, GA, in 1840. Also in Houston Co., GA, in 1840 were the households of
Daniel C. Fudge and Mrs. Dana Fudge. A submission to the International
Genealogical Index indicated this Jacob Fudge was born in SC in 1758, served
as a soldier in the R. W., and died in GA in 1842.

In 1800 a Jacob Fudge was granted land in Liberty County, GA. Subsequently
there were land grants in Columbia County, GA, to Jacob Fudge (1816), Solomon
Fudge, and David Fudge. This could possibly be Mr. Leggitt's ancestor,
Jacob Fudge, with sons Solomon and David.

How was the Jacob Fudge of Houston Co., GA, records related to the Jacob
Fudge, Sr., family below?

Did Mary Ann Porter Fudge remarry after the death of Jacob Fudge, Jr., and,
if so, to whom, and who were their children?

Any corrections or additions to this family structure will be greatly

Two more possible sons of Jacob Fudge, Jr., were added to the chart after it
was prepared. The alleged wives of Jacob Fudge, Jr., are in reverse order.
In the chart, "before" and "after" prefixed to certain dates were deleted by
the computer program. Birth dates on decade years, e.g., 1800 or 1810, were
probably "before 1800" or "before 1810", for example. Likewise for years of
death: those on decade years were probably "after 1800" or "after 1810", for

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Descendants of Jacob FUDGE, Sr. 26 MAR 1996
sp:[Unknown] [FUDGE] Mrs. (-)
\---Jacob FUDGE Sr. (b. 1723 NC-d. 1790 SC)
sp: Margaret [possibly Mrs. GREGORY] (1730-d. after 1790)
+---Margaret FUDGE (1756-1829)
| sp:John HOWARD (-)
+---Solomon FUDGE (1760-d. ca. 1845, Tallahatchie Co., MS
| sp:Elizabeth BUCKHALTER/BURKHOLDER (1761-1850)
| +---Charlotte Elizabeth FUDGE (1791-1867)
| | sp:Moses EASTERLY (1787-1864)
| | +---Joshua EASTERLY (1813-1886)
| | +---Nancy EASTERLY (1815-)
| | +---Lydia EASTERLY (1818-)
| | +---Harriett EASTERLY (1820-1906)
| | +---Isaac Barton EASTERLY (1822-1862)
| | +---Joseph EASTERLY (1824-1863)
| | +---Thuresa CARTER EASTERLY (1826-1900)
| | +---George William EASTERLY (1830-1864)
| | +---Louisa Kirklin EASTERLY (1832-1835)
| | \---Elizabeth EASTERLY (1834-1911)
| +---Mahala FUDGE (1795-1860) d. Lafayette Co., MS
| | sp:John GULLICK (1785-1845) d. Lafayette Co., MS
| | +---Solomon GULLICK (1815-1868)
| | +---William W. GULLICK (1817-1890)
| | +---Jonathan GULLICK (1818-1880)
| | +---Moses E. GULLICK (1820-1900)
| | +---Mahala GULLICK (1823-)
| | +---[Unknown] GULLICK (1823-)
| | +---Parmelia GULLICK (1829-)
| | +---Keziah D. GULLICK (1830-)
| | \---[A. McDonald] GULLICK (1837-1922)
| | sp:William POTEETE (1807-)
| +---Henry FUDGE (-) d. 1840s, Tallahatchie Co., MS
| | sp 2: Mrs. Mary BOWLES (-)
| | +---Leroy FUDGE (-)
| | \---Almond D. FUDGE (-)
| \---Milla FUDGE (1811-1853) d. Lafayette Co., MS
| sp:Burgess BOWLES (1809-1858) d. Lafayette Co., MS
| +---Carrol BOWLES (1833-)
| +---Alexander BOWLES (1835-)
| +---Wyatt Simpson BOWLES (1837-1913)
| +---Malissa BOWLES (1839-)
| +---Almarinda BOWLES (1841-)
| +---Whittey BOWLES (1843-1864)
| \---Malinda BOWLES (1845-)
+---Elizabeth FUDGE (1767-1815) b. & d. SC
| sp:Drury ADAMS (1755-1814)
+---Richard FUDGE (1769-)
+---John FUDGE (1770-)
+---William FUDGE (1770-)
| sp:Mary [FUDGE] Mrs. (-)
| +---Solomon FUDGE (1800-1850)
| | sp:Winnie MEACHAM (1808-1850)
| | +---Mary E. FUDGE (1827-)
| | +---Lavinia E. FUDGE (1830-)
| | +---Sarah FUDGE (1834-)
| | +---Charlotte E. FUDGE (1835-1914)
| | +---Eliza FUDGE (1837-)
| | +---Settus D. FUDGE (1839-)
| | +---William H. FUDGE (1841-)
| | \---James W. FUDGE (1843-)
| \---William Carroll Fudge (-)
+---Mary FUDGE (1770-)
| sp:John CLACKLER, Jr.
+---"Suffiah" (Saphire ?) FUDGE (1770-)
| sp:William JONES (-1789)
| sp:[Benjamin] COOK (-)
\---Jacob FUDGE, Jr. (b. by 1774-d. 1859 Lafayette Co., MS)
sp:Mary Ann PORTER (1812-)
+---Henry Harrison FUDGE (1848-1870)
+---Robert Collins FUDGE (1849-1920)
+---Annah E. C. FUDGE (1852-1881)
\---Thomas Jefferson FUDGE (1856-1900)
___William J. Fudge
___Martha (Mattie) Fudge
sp:Mary BOWLES (1801-1840)
+---Minerva FUDGE (1820-)
+---Elizabeth (Lizzie) FUDGE (1822-1864)
+---James Porter FUDGE (1824-1912)
+---Stokey Montgomery FUDGE (1826-1900)
+---Arena King FUDGE (1829-1901)
+---Sarah (Sally) FUDGE (1835-)
+---Malissa C. FUDGE (-)
\---Rilley ("Arelia") FUDGE (-)

[The above descendancy chart was prepared using Family Origins for
Windows 4.1, transferred to Family Origins for DOS 2.5, and printed to

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