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From: "Malcolm FORD" <>
Subject: Smugglers - Sidley Green
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 18:53:54 +1100

My husband's gg grandfather, James (not John) FOORD, was one of the convicted smugglers. He was sent to Australia in 1839 for assembling, armed with firearms and other offensive weapons, in order to be aiding and assisting in the illegal landing, running and carrying away of certain uncustomed goods.....300 gallons of foreign brandy and 300 gallons of foreign Geneva. James was the eldest of the gang and he died in Sydney in feb 1830, six weeks after his arrival. As well as Sidley - 4 Jan 1828 there was Eastbourne 22/23 jan 1828. James' two younger brothers, Henry and Stephen were involved in Eastbourne, and most of the gangs were related or intermarried. The Carey's, Wenman's, Spray's, Head's etc. Thomas Maynard, after the Eastbourne run, asked James FOORD's Wife, Hannah to supply and alibi for him!!!1

However, we have gone beyond our smuggling days.... James' sons John and James came to Australia in 1839 and we have detailed the 8 000 + descendants in a 500 page book called "FORDin the Generations"

John and Eliza FORD left their eldest son James in England and became known as James Ford HARRIS. I'm still looking for these descendants... one daughter Dorrie m CHAPMAN (Harrow) and had sons Phillip and Hugh. Phillip m Denise VICKERS and had sons Anthony and Timothy ... 1950 &1953....last known living in Crawley. Another daughter, elizabeth, m GREENHILL and her G.daughter Joy, married Edward COLEGATE c1946...maybe Essex. Would love to find these living people....they are harder than the smugglers.

Love the list...but would love to link up with more rellies

Hazel & Malcolm FORD
Coffs Harbour Australia

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