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From: Christine Jones <>
Subject: James Sutton of NY & PA
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 19:05:23 -0600

Warning! this is really long --- at least 3 typewritten pages... but
I've been reading all the notes from the Sutton mail list for the last
couple of days -- and it is very interesting. I've been trying to
connect my family for a while also - so I understand the frustration of
not finding those links.... so even though this document that I found
hasn't proven useful to me - I thought it could help some of you.... so
good luck! (and please forgive any typos - I've tried to be true to the
original document) -

Manuscript found at the Minnesota State Archives - #C571 - 597 - 1962
Genealogical Notes of the Sutton Family of Long Island and Westchester
County, New York, and of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

By Frank W. Sutton, g/

First Issued - March 31, 1949
Revised - November 1, 1962

James (1) Sutton, a Quaker, b 3/7/1744, (possibly on Long Island, New
York, parents unknown at this time) was apprenticed ca 1756 to William
(Field) Field, a Quaker merchant of New York City, and when of age and
"set loose" then applied for membership, and apparently endorsed by Mr.
Field, a member, was admitted to the New York and Flushing Monthly
Meeting on 4/3/1765. The minutes of the preparative meeting are
reported lost.

Sutton then opened and conducted his own store at North Castle, New
York, undoubtedly with the help of Mr. Field, and transferred to the
Purchase Monthly Meeting in Westchester County, New your, on 5/5/1768
and was accepted. He obtained a marriage license and posted bond,
(Jeremiah Allen, bondsman) on 4/(25-28)/1769 and was married to Sarah
(4) Smith, spinster, (1747 - 1834) of White Plains, New York, (Dr. Wm.
Hooker (3), Rev. John (2), Thomas (1)) on 6/22/1769 by the Rev. John
Rodgers, pastor, of the First Presbyterian Church of New York City.

Later Sutton sold out his store and removed on 2/3/1773, along with his
father-in-law and other settlers from Conn., to the Wyoming Valley, Pa.,
being developed then by the Susquehanna Company of Conn., formed in
1753. He settled first on Jacob's Plain above Wilkborough now
Wilkes-Barre, first settled in 1769, and named after John Wilkes and
Isaac Barre. Later he settled across the Susquehanna River at Exeter.
He built the first gristmill on Sutton's Creek now called Coray's Creek.
During the Wyoming Massacre on 7/3/1778, the Sutton family along with
many others, was at Forty Fort, opposite Wilkes-Barre, and later escaped
with relatives, the Gustin family, on a make-shift boat, down the
Susquehanna River to safety at Middletown, Pa. After a year or so, the
family returned and rebuilt their home. Sutton served as a Corp., in
Capt. John Franklin's Company at Post of Wyoming, 1780. Later he was a
Pvt., 1st Co., 5th Regt., Conn., Militia in Westmoreland, Capt. John
Franklin, 1731-2.

Sutton was a Warrantee for 400 acres in Luzerne County, Pa., 6/23/1737.
With Dr. Wm. Hooker Smith, his father-in-law, they built an iron mill in
1789 at the location now called Old Forge, Lackawanna County, Pa. The
family became Methodists at Ross Hill, Kingston, Pa., in 1788. The
family is listed in the First Federal Census for 1790 in Luzerne County,
Pa. Sutton was elected Justice of the Peace for Dist. #3 in 1808.
Sutton d July 19, 1824 at Exeter, and his will dated 25 Aug. 1820 was
probated Feb. 25, 1825 (SAR #81006 - DAR #136471)

His children:

1.Mary "Polly" (2) Sutton, b. White Plains, New York, d. Delta,
Oneida County, New York. M. 1789 Putnam Catlin.
1.1.Their son George Catlin, (1796 - 1872 was the famous
artist and author, whose works are displayed in the George Catlin Indian
Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.
2.A son b. 3/2/1772 d the following morning
3.Deborah (2) Sutton. (1773 - 1869) d. Waverly, Pa., m. 1799
Jacob Bedford, as his second wife.
4.William (2) Sutton, (1775 - 1828) b. Exeter, Pa., d. Starkey,
New York, a stone cutter, m Phebe Skinner (?) (1777-1847) removed to
Lodi Landing, (Ovid), New York, and later ca 1825 to Reading Center, New
York, where both are buried. It is reported, but not confirmed, that
William was a Capt., in the War of 1812. He is listed in the 1825
Census for Reading Center, with 5 males and 4 females including 1 male
18-45 and qualified to vote, and 1 female 16-45 and 2 females unmarried
under 16. Phebe is later listed in the 1830 Census with 2 males 20-30,
2 females 0-5, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20 and 1 female 50-6-. Phebe
is not listed later and may have left the area, or remarried, or went to
live with her children. (Of the several daughters listed above, given
names are unknown at this time, but one did m. a Covert from Seneca
County, New York, and removed to Michigan. No further record. His
4.1.James (3) Sutton, eldest son, a stone cutter, m Maria
____ succeeded to his father's business in Reading Center in 1828, was
listed in 1830 Census with 2 dau 5-10, wife 30-40, 2 sons 0-5, 1 son
10-15, 1 son 15-20 and himself 30-40, sold out his property in 1837 to
John Roberts and removed to some place in Ohio. No further record.
4.2.John (3) Sutton (1805 - 1836) b Lodi, d Hornell, New
Your, a stone cutter m 1826 at Lysander, New York, Catherine Lybolt
(1802 - 1873) B Milton now Lansing, Tompkins County, New York, settled
in Penn Yan, New York ca 1830 and later in Hornell, where both are
buried. His children:
4.2.1.William Lybolt (4) Sutton, (1828-1899) b Reading
Center, New York, d Hornell, New York, a photographer, m 1854 Mary
Louisa (8) Eaton, (1824-1904) of Benton Center, New York, daughter of
Adolphus & Phoebe Lane Eaton (both are buried in Hornell) and a
descendant of John Eaton of he Dedham Branch, and settled in Hornell in
1855 (where both are buried). At age 18 young William elected to sail
on the whaler "Columbia" 329 tons, Capt. Joseph C. Chase, from
Nantucket, Mass., on 8/7/1846 to the south Pacific and returning after
four years on 6/12/1850. Mementos of his whaling expedition are now in
the Museum at Alfred University, New York. His children: Parker (5) Sutton (1855
- 1927) a photographer, m 1883 Lillie Jane (9) Comstock (1863-1948) of
Andover, New York, daughter of Martin Luther Comstock & Naomi Adams
(Whittemore) Comstock, a descendant of Wm. Comstock, the emigrant, and
of Henry Adams. (DAR #302317) Augusta (5) Sutton
(1856-1936) m 1885 Judson Chubbuck (1851-1948) of Saybrook, Ill. Frances (5) Sutton (1865 -
1942) m 1889 Joseph W. Burgess (1851-1927) of Dansville, New York, later
settling in San Diego, Calif. Eaton (5) Sutton, b 1867
d y
4.2.2.Henry Pratt (or Platt) (4) Sutton (1830-1903) b
Reading Center, New York, d Fremont, New York, m 1850 Emiranda M.
Conderman (1834-1916), both are buried in Hornell. His children: (5) Sutton (1853-1915) m
Henry Amidon (5) Sutton (1855-1935) m
Frank Bardeen Jane (5) Sutton (1859-1864) (5) Sutton (1862-1950) unm (5) Sutton (1864-1922) m
Hubbard Lake
4.2.3.John Wesley (4) Sutton (1833 - 1834)
4.2.4.Charles Wesley (4) Sutton b 1835 d y
4.2.5.Mary Jane "Mate" (4) Sutton (1838-1927) b Penn
Yan, New York, d San Diego, Calif., m 1854 Woodbury L. Kimball
(1831-1896) (5) Kimball (1833-1902)
4.2.6.Ashley Birney (4) Sutton (1841-1846)
4.3.Daniel (3) Sutton b 1807 Lodi, a carpenter, m Ann _____
b 1808, settled before 1836 in Phelps, New York, bought land 1840 from
Wm. Dickinson, sold it in 1849 to Peter Hendrick, listed in 1850 Census,
possibly visited Hornell in 1873. His children:
4.3.1.Lucinda (4) Sutton b 1828 m Wesley Roberts of
4.3.2."Mary" Emily A. (4) Sutton, b 1840 m 1865 Wm. W.
Minturn of Moravia, New York, settled in Lansing, Mich.
4.3.3.Phebe Maria (4) Sutton b 1846 m 1864 Robert
Martin Louw (Lowe) of Oaks Corners, New York, no issue, buried Glenwood
Cemetery, Geneva, New York. (the girls attended Vienna now Phelps Union
School) -- references include - Records of T. Benton Titus; Directory
of Village of Phelp, New York (1862); Scrapbook of Miss Bertha McMillan;
history of Ontario County New York (1876) McIntosh; History of Ontario
County New York (1893) Conover; Federal Census 1850
4.4.Ashley (3) Sutton b 1803 Lodi, m. Mary _______ located
Walcott, New York, 1854 bought land from Amos Demsey, then in Red Creek
1867 and in Butler Center 1869 and bought land from Wm. Marshall and
later sold same to Ezekiel & Philip Snyder, listed in Butler Census for
1875 and 1880, and later removed to Victory, New York. His children:
4.4.1.Adelbert (4) Sutton b 1855 Lodi, m Minnie
Holcolm, settled in Victory, New York Rolland (5) Sutton b 1892 m
Bessie Stothard of Red Creek who d 1948, lives in Canandaigua, New York (6) Sutton b 1915
m Wm. Weigelt of Canandaigua (6) Sutton b
1917 m John Weiglet of Bedford, Mass., (5) Sutton m Norma Roach of
Canandaigua (6) Sutton (6) Sutton (5) Sutton m John Kellogg
of Syracuse ----- references:
family records of Miss Diana Weigelt
4.5.Wm. Wm. (3) Sutton possibly located near Philadelphia,
Pa., but no further records.
5.Sarah (2) Sutton, b June 29, 1777 d 11 months later
6.James (2) Sutton, Jr. (1779-1827) b Middletown, Pa., d
Washington Boro, Lancaster County, Pa., m Nancy Smith, daughter of
Hezekiah & Abigail Smith, served in War of 1812. The widow, or a
daughter, Nancy was living in New Castle, Pa., in 1880 or before and
received pension #2306.
6.1.Abigail (3) Sutton (1814-1899) m 1833 Isaac Fuller, Jr.,
of Montrose, Pa.,
7.Sarah "Sally" (2) Sutton (1782-1812) b Exeter, d Braintrim, Pa.,
m 1800 "Major" Daniel Sterling (1776-1839) as his second wife.
8.A son b 11/9/1784 d the same day
9.John (2) Sutton b Oct. 9, 1786, served in War of 1812, and was
lost later while trading with the Indians.
10.Samuel (2) Sutton (1788-1842) b Exeter, d Exeter, m 1822 Mary
Dorrance Buckingham (1799-1832)
10.1.Nancy Ann (3) Sutton (1824-1854)
10.2.James (3) Sutton (1825-1917) unm. Founded the James
Sutton Sutton Home at 57 W. Jackson St., Wilkes-Barre.
10.3.Stephen B. (3) Sutton removed to Minn. served in Civil
War. No further record.
10.4.Samuel (3) Sutton (1830-1894) (twin) unm.
10.5.Charles B. (3) Sutton (1830-1897) m 1863 Frances A
Woodward, removed from Exeter to Kingston in 1846 and then to Wilkes-
Barre in 1853 and was elected Mayor for two terms.
10.5.1.Charles H. (4) Sutton b 5-20-1865
10.5.2.Samuel (4) Sutton
10.5.3.John (4) Sutton
10.5.4.Nancy B. (4) Sutton m Charles Williams of
10.5.5.Frank (4) Sutton b 6-30-1869

References: Military Minutes of the Council of Appointment of the State
of New York 1783-1821 (1901) Hastings; Census 1790 Luzerne County, Pa.,
and 1825 and 1830 Steuben County, Reading, New York, and 1850 Census,
for Milo (Penn Yan) and Benton, New York and 1875 and 1880 Wayne County,
butler, New York; Wyoming, Pa., (1860) Peck; Wyoming Valley Families
(1885) Kulp; Smith-hooker Genealogy (1936) Bishop; Gustin Compendium
(1929) Weaver; Michael Shoemaker Book (1924) Blair; History of Steuben
County, New York (1879) Clayton; landmarks of Steuben County, New York
(1896) Hakes; Penna., Archives, 6th Series, Pensions & Gratuities,
1812-14; Bedford Family Bible dated 1763 and once owned by James Sutton
and now in Library of the Wyoming historical & Geological Society of
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Buckingham Family (1872) Chapman; Detroit Society
for genealogical Research quarterly, for Spring 1958, Summer 1962

Compiled by: F. W. Sutton 5750 Clemson Street; Los Angeles 16,

I feel confident that the address above is outdated -- but maybe Frank
is still available for consultation if anyone is interested...

Good luck - Christine

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