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Subject: [SUTTON-L] Geneology is an arborescent family study
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 99 23:20:08 -0500

Subject: A.Word.A.Day--arborescent
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From: Wordsmith,

arborescent (ahr-buh-RES-uhnt) adjective

Having the size, form, or characteristics of a tree; treelike.

[Latin arborescens, arborescent-, present participle of arborescere, to
to be a tree, from arbor, tree.]

"Because he considers creation in the image of God to be the ultimate
pedestal, (Stephen Jay) Gould judges Darwinism to be the ultimate
pedestal-smasher because it proves that humans are merely `a fortuitous
cosmic afterthought, a tiny little twig on the enormously arborescent
bush of life.'"
Jonathan Wells, The Retreating Revolutionary, The World & I, 1 Mar

This week's theme: words about trees.


Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for
others. -Helen Adams Keller (1880-1968)

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"Geneology is an arborescent family study." by Carol Lorraine Sutton,
January 12, 1999.

My little thought about geneology inspired by my new found word.

Best to all Sutton's and their families in 1999.
Carol Lorraine Sutton,

(There is some new information here.)

daughter of Robert William SUTTON, and Nancy Chester Sustare of the
New Jersey ,Cornelius Sutton line, down in descent via Cornelius's and
Elizabeth APPLEGATE's son

John N. Sutton, born: October 20, 1785, in New Jersey. Married in
Harrison County, WEST VIRGINIA, on November 23, 1807. Died in Logan
County, OHIO on March 13, 1869. Spouse Rachel Davis. Wife Rachel DAVIS,
was from Pennsylvania, (1792-1853), who died in Salem, West Virginia, she
was the daughter of William "Greenbrier Billy" Davis (1758-1845) and
Elizabeth Michell JOHNSTON (1762-1845), born in Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New
Jersey and died in Greenbrier Run, Doddridge County, WV. Religion:
Seventh Day Baptist
his son

George J. Sutton, born in Doddridge County, West Virginia who married
Eleanor Davis (1812-1892) who died in Smithburg, West Virginia, Eleanor
was the daughter of George J. Davis (#63 in "Davis-The Settlers of Salem,
West Virginia' book by Susie Davis Nicholson, copyright 1992, Published
by the Salem Seventh Day Baptist Church, 738 pages)
(NOTE: don't get confused about the 2 George J.'s here, one is a Sutton
and one is a Davis)
George J. Davis's dates are 1790-1868, and his wife Catherine Johnston
Davis (1788-1868), born in Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey in the year
1788, died where?, daughter of ???
their son

Thaddeus S. Sutton of Doddridge Country, West Virginia, born February
1844, and
died 30, October 1906 on his homestead, Garrison, McLean Co., ND (North
The family lived in New Milton Dist. until 1863, then in Salem , West
Virginia, until they took up their homestead in North Dakota.who married
Martha J. Norman
( Martha J. NORMAN, was born 1847 in Normantown, Gilmer County, West
Virginia, and died in 1921 in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, Martha J.
Norman was the
daughter of
Seamore Norman (1812-1880), Gilmer Co , of Glenville, West Virginia
and Sarah BUSH (1824 to ?) of Lewis County, Virginia (Now WV)
Recently found via the internet , their tombstone inscriptions:
lists a cemetery in NORMANTOWN, West Virginia

revisit this site on Nov 4 1998
and bingo

NORMAN , born Dec 12 1812, died July 2, 1880
Thus sink to rest
the just whom
Christ has blest,
Death brings
them light and
peace and heav-
enly rest.
Jemima Norman
born Jan 18 1804, died dec 25 1841
Sarah Norman (this is Sarah Bush Norman)
born Jan 7, 1824
no death date carved
Here lies one who
in this life
was a kind mother
a true wife;
She was by many
virtures blest,
And peity among
the best.
Thaddeus J. Sutton and Martha J. Norman's third child was:

James Mack Edward Sutton , born in Harrison County, West Virginia on
14, November(Oct), 1869, died 19, April, 1954 in Norfolk, Norfolk County,
married 9, March 1893 (Harrison County, West Virginia) Alvertie M. Queen.
(d/o James Pritchard QUEEN (1849-1926 and Angeline BEAN (1855-1875),
Alvertie was born January 8, 1873, in Upshur County, West Virginian &
died on September 1, 1959 in Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia. Alvertie
is also spelled Alvertia . The "M." could stand for Martha.
Alvertie M. Queen was the Founder Of Electric Machine Company, Norfolk,
Virginia. The first born son of
James Mack Edward Sutton and Alvertie M. Queen, was:

Porter Odry SUTTON was born in June of 1893 in Athen, Ohio and died in
28 Apr 1962, in Norfolk, Norfolk County,Virginia. He married 24 June 1914
in Norfolk, Virginia by Stuart Nye Hutchison, Presbyterian Minister, to
Margaret Lorine CROCKER, born 1898, and died in 29 Dec 1930 in Norfolk,
Norfolk County, Norfolk, Virginia, age 32
due to injuries from an automobile accident. Porter Odry Sutton married a
second time to Helen Virginia Clark , who died 2 May 1991, in Norfolk,
Norfolk County, Virginia.
Margaret Lorine CROCKER, was the daughter of Rufus Webb Crocker,(1875-?)
and Annie Lee MCCLANNAN, (1874-1955)
Porter Odry Sutton and Margaret Lorine Crocker's third child was:

Robert William "Red" Sutton, born March 8, 1918, in Norfolk, Norfolk
County Virginia, died in 13 Feb 1995, in Norfolk, Virginia, age 76, at
his home in Norfolk, surrounded by his family. Married Nancy Chester
Sustare, on 8 June 1940, in Norfolk, Virginia.
Nancy Chester SUSTARE , she is the daughter of Beverly Townsend Sustare
(1890-1965) of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and Clara Nannie
"Nancy" WILLIAMS, (1891-1940), of Malvern, Arkansas Or Little Rock,
Robert William Sutton and Nancy Chester Sustare's second child was:

Carol Lorraine Sutton, author of this posting............, born 3
September, 1945, in Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia.


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