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From: "Marvin Schmutz" <>
Subject: [SUTTON] Sutton-Cox-Trembley #3
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 16:55:42 -0600


Early letters written to both West and East Jrsey Proprietor's Offices, brought response from them sayint that no survey or Patents were issued to a man of this name. I quoted the english record saying that ISAAC COX became by virtue of land bought a Proprietor of West Jersey. Examination of Elizabethtown records [done by George Miller, Registrar of East Jersey Proprietor's records] did not reveal an ISAAXC COX there before 1714. Search of Deeds in West Jersey did nnot reveal ISAAC COX as grantor or grantee. Search of East Jersey Deed Index, disclosed one Indenture - No 3299:

COCKS ISAAC et als to NATHAN SOMERS: A-A-A-86; March 24 1686. I sent for this and it revealed that on March 3 1686 JOHN BAKER of London, Soapmaker; CHARLES MILEON, Sailor of London; ISAAC COCKS of London, Merchant of the one part and NATHAN SOMERS of London, Gentleman of the other part, whereas WILLIAM PENN of Warminghurst in County of Essex and GOWEN LAWRY of London, Merchant; NICHOLAS LUCAS of Hartford in County of Hartford Maletor and EDWARD BYLLENGE of Wostn in county of Middlesex by indenture bearing date 15 and 16th of December 1670 for the etc....granted and conveyed to THOMAS DORMAN of London, the said CHARLES HILTON, ISAAC COX and to JOHN RAWLEY of London....and CHARLES WILSON of London, Gentleman....sell one full and equal and undivided hundredth of part or whole property of all that land in the Americas now called West Jersey. [for full reading see copy enclosed].

NJ Archives, Vol XXI, Calendar of NJ Records 1664-1703, pp316/7 and p437.: ISAAC COX of London signs a 3rd party Agreement with about 20-30 others, for 30 shares of West Jersey land, being at or near Cape May & Maurice River Falls of Delaware. [dated Mar 4 1691/2].

Persons of first part- DANIEL ESQUIRE and REBECCA his wife [this DANIEL COCK]

Persons of the 2nd part - JONATHAN GREENWOOD & PETER GUYON of London.

Persons of 3rd part - about 20 - 30 people including ISSAC COCKS, Linendraper of London, Merchant Tailor.

May 14, 1702 Petition to queen for appointment of Col. HAMILTON, signed by Proprietors of Nova Caecaria, or New Jersey, including name of ISAAC COCKS and read at court of St. James.

On the strength of these records, and especially concerned over the date 1702 when ISAAC COX, by some accounts said to be in America, I employed Miss MAVIS MACKINNON of London, Eng., to look up the Merchant Tailor, ISAAC COX. She wrote the Merchant Tailor Hall, 30 Threadneedle St, London, E.C.2., and had reply from the Clerk. He advised that ISAAC COCKS [spelt COX] was in the Society beginning 1671 and by 1714 was elected Master. He also advised us that the father of this ISAAC COX was JAMES COX, a former merchant and his grandfather was ROGER COX of the city of Herford, Eng. Member 8 years on Jan 29 1628.

I then advised Miss MACKINNNON, ince no more on record at Merchant Hall to look for a will for this ISAAC COX. She reported she was unable to locate a will after 1714 for this man. This left us wondering if the Merchant Tailor, though certainly existing [proved] and buying and selling West Jersey lands, was the real father of PHILIP COX 1677-1736. My doubt stemmed from [1] This ISAAC COX did not seem to come to America and [2] The father of this ISAAC COX was JAMES and granddfather , ROGER COX, and neeither of these names, JAMES or ROGER appear in the American line of PHILIP COX. I had spent considerable money on this and the search trying to get the early wife or wives of JOHN, Lord BERKELEY [Our genealogies say SARAH TREMBLEY, nee SUTTON was a grand daughter of Lord BERKELEY by his first wife. I got Lord BERKELEY's will but only his last wife and her children named in it. I therefore then dropped the English search on ISAAC COX and decided to try on PHILIP COX his reputed son.


1. RICHARD COX born aft 1499

2. JOHN COX born 1530

3. JOHN COXE born 1560/2

4. Sir ISAAC COX born abt 1580 m ELIZABETH CLINTON only child and heiress of Sir PHILIP CLINTON.


DANIEL COXE [said by some to be a brother of PHILIP] was father of Dr. DANIEL COXE b1640.

NICHOLAS COXE of Newington green, Middlesex England, gent., in will dated Jul 17 1765, proved Nov 16 1765, referes to the children of my late nephew, Dr COXE, decd., by his wife, now MARTHA SMITH: WILLIAM, EDWARD, PETER, GEORGE, MARTHA & EMILIA.

[A generation must surely be missing in the above.]

6. ISAAC COX b1650/5 married [certainly needs proving]:

i. SARAH [SUTTON] TREMBLEY, wid. of GEORGE TREMBLEY and dau. of HENRY SUTTON & w. ELIZABETH, who was dau of Lord JOHN BERKELEY. [Another records says SARAH SUTTON dau of Sir JOHN SUTTON & gr. dau. of Sir JOHN BARKLEY].


iii. MARY [NOE] TREMBLEY, wid. of JOHN TREMBLEY & dau of PETER NOE & MARGARET DUMONT [or CLARK]. Also said that this JOHN TREMBLEY was bro. of above GEORGE TREMBLEY.

ISAAC COX is said to have had brothers, JOHN & PHILIP; some settled in Talbot Co, Maryland.

Maryland Quakers Records for Third Haven, Talbot Co, Md., "Whereas JOHN WILLIS of Dorchester, planter and MARGARET COX of same co, spinster, declared intentions in Co, of Talbot, 10 day, 5 mo [called July] 1712...Wit: RICHARD WILLIS." MARGARET was dau. of DANIEL COX and w. SARAH of Talbot co., whose chn were: BETSY, b11-7-1691 m T. CANNON; SARAH, b9-15-1693, m. WYLKINSON; MARGARET, b7-20-1695, m. JOHN WILLIS; DANIEL, b3-7-1698 m. ANN POWELL; MARY, b9-8-1701 m. STEPHENSON DURDEN.

ISAAC COX, thereafter referred to as ISAAC 1, since he is claimed as the immigrant ancestor of the COX family later of Somerset Co NJ, was a merchant tailor of London. As an indication that there may have been some of this family in England not of the nobility...see will of WILLIAM HOLLOWAY of E. Bergholt, Co. Suffolk, England, clothier, 1608 prov. 3-24-1608, which referes to "my cousin Philip Cock."

NOTE; What proof is there that he was actually father of PHILIP 2. The name ISAAC does not recur in my records until ISAAC 4 b 6-25-1743.

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