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From: "chris troy" <>
Subject: Re: [Sweden] Swanberg/Svanberg
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 08:54:18 +0800

>Hi Chris,
>How do you get this information? Do you have the new Emigranten CD's and
>is on them or is there some other source?

The information I sent Gladys is from the 1890 online census for
Vsternorrland. It is accessible by everyone over the internet.

>I have some ancestors reportedly from Lnsboda, Kronoberg ln named
>or Svanberg. They came to America in 1889 but I do not know where they left
>from nor where they were traveling to. They ended up in Grand Forks, North
>Dakota for a while and then moved to Puyallup, Washington. The parents
>names were never known except the father was G. J. Swanberg and his wife's
>name is not known. They had a daughter Anna who was my grandmother, farmor
>and she had sisters, Tilda, Ida, Maja, Sissa, Augusta and a son Karl
>The daughter Sissa stayed in Denmark and got married so possibly they left
>from there to America. I have had absolutely no luck in finding anything
>about them. It is as if they never lived! Too bad we get interested in
>genealogy when all of the old folks are gone.

Lnsboda is in rkened parish, Osby kommun, Skne ln. rkened parish
records are available online at this URL:


I have had a quick look at the births database but you sent me very little
information to be going on with. Do you have the children's birthdates?
Were they all born in Sweden or were they born in America? Do you have any
middle names for the children or full names?

I did find one boy named Carl born 1869-02-26 to Truen Trulsdotter, 42, and
Sven Svanberg/Swanberg, dragoon, in Ekeshult, rkened parish but I have no
way of knowing if this is the right one or not. These two are shown as also
having another two sons, Bengt and Nils, but no daughters turn up.

Cheers, Chris

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