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Subject: Re: [SWEDEN] emigration records for Bryngelsson family
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 14:30:27 +0000 (UTC)
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Thank you for your follow-up Bo.  There were earlier relatives, yes, but none directly linked to this group.  I believe Maria's brother came earlier but I don't know the specifics concerning his trip.....he was helping them get from New York to Nebraska.

I have checked my notes and some online passenger lists  but still cannot find them.  Nor could I find them on the Castle Garden site which was in use during this time period I believe.  Any other suggestions?


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Subject: Re: [SWEDEN] emigration records for Bryngelsson family

Vicki wrote 2011-03-28 21:15:
> Could he have come earlier?
> Emigranten Populär, 1783-1951 Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951
> about Johannes Bryngelsson
> Name:         Johannes Bryngelsson
> Birth Year:         abt 1831
> Gender:         Man (Male)
> Place of Origin:         Laxarby Västra Götaland Län, Sverige
> Destination:         New York
> Record Date:         13 maj 1869 (13 May 1869)
> Port of Departure:         Göteborg
> Database Name:         EmiHamn
> Occupation/Title:         Jbr
> Archive Call Number:         1:395:625
> Traveling Companion:         M
> Principal Person:         Bryngelsson Johannes

It is possible of course, but it doesn't seem likely, this one was born
about 1831, your was born 1826, and this one is from the wrong parish.

Also there are no signs of him being away in America in the Torrskog
household records.

The family emigrated 1877 from Bråtnäs in GID 1013.28.51700, [Älvsborg]
Torrskog, AI.15, Household examination, 1876-1886, page 73, Image 74.

They were in the previous HFL in GID 1013.27.17400, [Älvsborg]
Torrskog, AI.14, Household examination, 1871-1875, page 97, Image 91.

Here they had come 1871 from page 301 (GID 1013.27.35400), at Kesnacken
where Johannes' title is miller.

They were in the previous HFL in GID 1013.25.66400, [Älvsborg]
Torrskog, AI.13, Household examination, 1866-1870, page 290, Image 278.

Here are 3 more daughters recorded:
- Mathilda, born 1855-07-14 Ärtemark, died 1869-04-10.
- Elisabeth, born 1858-03-27 Ärtemark.
- Christina, born 1866-09-06 Torrskog, died 1871-01-18.

They had come 1867 from page 353 (GID 1013.25.66400) at Stategen.

No sign that Johannes had been away in 1869.

// Bo Johansson

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