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From: Janice Pilkington <>
Subject: Swifts of Randolph Co., NC
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 17:42:15 -0700

My name is Janice Isaacs Pilkington and I descend from Elias Swift b c
1760. He was from Randolph Co., NC and moved to what was then Ashe
County, now Watauga Co., NC. I have two differing sources for the
ancestors of Elias and would like to have imput from anyone that might
have documentation for his line. One source has the father of Elias as
Thomas Swift m Martha Linden. This line according to this source comes
from Mark Swift of MD.
I was given photo copies of material from research that Janice Swift
Fraley had done. Some of her research came from the article Swifts in
the Upper Cumberland by Bob Goff. The rest came from her travel to MD
and NC to document her research. She is descended from Elias Swift's son
John "Samuel" Swift. She has the lineage for this family as:
Mark Swift b ? d c1708 in Baltimore, MD m Elizabeth Staley?
I. Flower Swift m 13 May 1725 d 1742-6 in Baltimore, MD to Elizabeth
1. Thomas Swift b 19 Jan 1721 in Baltimore, MD m Martha
1A. Flower Swift b c 1755 m Mary Bedsaul
2A. John Swift? m 14 July 1791 Elizabeth Welborn
3A. Thomas Swift, Jr. b c 1755
4A. Elias Swift b c 1760/5 d 1834 (my line)
My line continues with Lillianna "Lily" Swift b 1800 who m Richard
Isaacs, II
Some researchers have tried to find if Mark Swift is the son of a Flower
Swift of London. More information on Mark.
Mark Swift on Tax List of Baltimore Co., MD during years 1699-1702.
Will of Thomas Staley, written 16 Feb. 1696, prob. 7 Nov 1700, mentions
niece, Elizabeth Swift, wife of Mark Swift. Mark Swift's will probated
14 Jul 1710; among heirs, son Flower Swift.

Flower Swift, son of Mark and Elizabeth m 13 May 1725, Elizabeth
Whiteaker in Baltimore, MD at St. George's Parish. Birth of son here of
Thomas Swift, 19 Jan 1726. Flower Swift died between 1742-46. Widow m
John Sturges. In 1746 she purchased land in Prince George Co., MD. In
1748 she deeded the land to Thomas Swift, her son.

Thomas Swift m Martha Linden? He sold this land in 1754 and moved to
NC. In 1761, he received land grant in the Sandy Creek neighborhood,
known as "Swifts Choice" in Orange Co., now Randolph Co., NC. His will
was written 19 July 1802 and probated 1807 in Randolph Co., NC. He did
not name heirs. Children listed in this article are: Flower b c 1755;
John (m 1791, Elizabeth Welborn; Thomas, Jr. b c 1755; and Elias b

Flower, son of Thomas and Martha Linden? Swift, moved from Randolph Co.,
NC, to Montgomery Co., (that portion later became Grayson Co., VA,
around 1771.) He served in the Rev. War as Capt. Married dau of Elisha
and Margaret Edwards Bedsaul. Abt 1810, he and several members of his
family moved from Grayson Co., to Knox Co., (now Whitley Co.) KY. He d
1813. Children (accord. to fam. records): Amy b 1778, Jestena b c 1780,
Thomas b c 1784, Margaret b c 1787, Martha, John b 1789, Elisha b 1790,
Elizabeth b c 1796, William b c 1797, Elias b 1793, Alfred b c 1797,
Cynthia b c 1797.
Elisha, son of Flower and Mary Bedsaul Swift, m 9 Oct 1809, Sarah
Elizabeth Ailsworth. He moved from Grayson Co., VA to White Co., TN in
the first decade of 1800. He died before 1860.

Elias Swift b 1760, son of Thomas and Martha Linden Swift, was shown on
the 1790 Randolph County Census, living with his father, Thomas Swift,
Sr., and brother, Thomas Swift, Jr.. Between 1801-4, Elias moved from
Randolph Co., NC to Grayson Co., VA. (He appeared on the 1804 Tax List
there). Then by 1806, he moved a few miles south to the Cove Creek area
of Ashe Co., NC. He purchased land there in 1807. Other records show
that he lived there until his death, c 1834. Known children of Elias
1. John Samuel Swift (shown as John S. on the 1830 Ashe Co., NC
census.), b 1789 m Massy Isaacs.
2. Thomas Swift b 1790, NC m (Article says Anna ?) Amy Vanderpool
3. Lily Swift (1850 shows her name as Lillianna) b 1800 m Richard
Isaacs, II (my direct line through their son Emsley Isaacs b 1818)
4. James Swift b 1795-d 8 Jan 1858 m Lydia Eggers. James Swift lived
near his father and brothers in the Cove Creek area of Watauga Co. It
was from this area, just a few miles from the TN state line, that two of
his sons left, moving to the Upper Cumberlands.

The other source is an article from probably the Randolph Co., NC
Heritage Book, Art 708 about William Swift. It states that he was b 1723
in Kent Co., England, was a colateral descendant of Thomas Swift and his
wife Elizabeth Dryden. William's father was the Rev. William Swift b
1795 in Kent Co., England. Following his marriage he was sent to Bermuda
by King George, II. It then states that William Swift, eldest son of
Rev. Wm. Swift was b 1723 in Bermuda as was his brother Thomas b 1725.
This family then moved to Hanover Co., VA in 1728. This source has the
son William marrying a Frances Waddy of Goochland Co., VA. His brother
Thomas, marrying Amediah "Amy" Duke. Thomas received a grant of 260
acres of land called "Swift'Choice", in Orange County, NC. This was on
Sandy Creek.
Documents from the other source that show surname connections with the
MD family of Staley and York, and the connection of the John Samuel
Swift marriage to Elizabeth Welborn are;
1. An 1815 Tax list for Randolph Co., NC showing Thomas Swift, prob.
Jr., 280 acres on Sandy Creek. His neighbor was John Staley.
2. Orange County Records, Vol. VI, Granville Proprietary Land Office
Deeds and Surveys, 1761-1763. 536. 2 Oct. 1761, Thomas Swift, ten
schillings, on waters of Sandy Creek, called Swift's Choice, begin at a
black jack on Harmon Husband's line, W 60 ch. to a hicory, S 50 ch. to a
white oak, E 40 ch. to a white oak saplin, W 20 ch. to a hicory, E 20
ch. to a stake on Husband's line, his line up & crossing the bents of a
branch 30 ch. to beginning, 260 acres, ten schillings, five pence rent
per year, surveyed 20 July 1760, Thomas Welborn & Enos Hinson, CC.
3. Orange County, NC Court Minutes, 1762-1766, Bk II. August term 1766
Ordered that Thomas Alred and Samuel Barker be appointed Overseers of
the road from County line where it crosses Sandy Creek to Coxes Road
that leads toward Cape Fare. Ordered that William Cox be appointed
Overseer of the road in the room of Flower Swift.

So you see my dilemma. Two sources, two different sets of parents for
Elias Swift?
Now, the Thomas that obtained the land of "Swift's Choice" on Sandy
Creek is the key here. Was he Thomas Swift s/o Flower Swift, or Thomas
Swift, s/o William Swift?
The documentation of Janice Swift Fraley would seem to me to be the most
compelling at this point. The documentation from MD would seem to
support that Thomas was connected to this line. Is it possible that the
Thomas, brother of William from Hanover, VA who settled in Caswell Co.,
NC is from a completely different Swift family and this is not the
Thomas that received the grant for Swift's Choice?
Is it possible that these two families are connected in some way?
Perhaps further back?
>From an e-mail to the Swift's List from Betsy Arndt dtd 20 Sept 2000.
Flower Swift b 1651 d 1711 from his Will naming two sons Flower and
Peter, two brothers, James with children William, Mary, Anne and Jeffery
with son James. Also, half brother Thomas and two half sisters. This
apparently was in Somerset, England?
Flower and Ann baptised 7 May 1675, Flower Swift. In 1676 a son named
Peter who must have died. because in 1677, they baptised another son
named Peter. Now, in the second part of Betsy's letter, she gives the
information that son Peter was in Jamaica, according to the will of
Flower Swift in 1711.

If Mark Swift is the correct line for the Thomas and Flower who settled
in Randolph County, NC, then the Flower of the 1711 Will does not fit.

I would appreciate any imput as I have been working on this puzzle for
awhile now.

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