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From: Phil Crowther <>
Subject: Re: Rocky Station-Charles Cox
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 20:53:01 -0600
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Thanks for passing this on. The Rocky Station Fort was still standing
last year, although the new owners were planning on tearing it down
(which they may not have done because it was solidly built and would
have taken a lot of effort). They were kind enough to let me take
a lot of pictures inside and out. Like a lot of forts in those days, it
was really a fortified house that had initially been built by Isaac
Chrisman, Sr. and was, or so I am told, later used as the Courthouse for
Lee County and was also the site of a battle in the War Between the
States. The deed sure looks like a deed for the Fort.

You are right in that Charles Cocke was in command from 1780 to 1782.
It is said that he was in charge of a "company" of Rangers. However, it
appears that, in his case, a "company" was only about 10 men.
Nevertheless, it appears that they did a good job of actively patrolling
the area since, unlike the other forts in the area, theirs was never

I am told that there were a lot of skirmishes at the Fort. Have you
ever run across anything describing those skirmishes?


> Emory Hamilton said Rocky Station was on the old Kentucky Trace between
> Woodway and Dryden in the vicinity of Litton Dairy farm in Powell Valley and
> remained open during the dangerous days of the Revolutionary War when the
> Indians, aided and abetted by British agents lived among them and incited
> them to slaughter innocent women children along the western frontier. He
> said it was garrisoned by a company of Rangers who patrolled Powell Valley
> and watched the war paths from the Cherokee and Shawnee nations especially
> Cumberland Gap which pass was used by both nations. He stated that Col
> Charles Cocke assumed command of this station in l780 (and I have penciled in
> until l782).
> Wash. Co. Survey Book page 215 Isaac Crisman ...400 ac...Commissioners
> Certificate...in Powells Valley and on the north side of Wallins
> Ridge...Beginning on the south side of the creek...by a path...February l8,
> l783 - - Isaac Crisman, heir of Isaac Crisman decd...400 ac...by settlement
> made in l775...in Powells Valley known by the name of Rock Spring Station,
> includes improvements...August l4, l78l.
> I think this may have been property that Thomas McCulloch
> first settled on and then moved which is closer to Abingdon.
> Wilma Smith
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