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Subject: Cooper Family of Washington County and SW Va
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 19:35:58 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

I am interested in contacted any of the descendents of Agleston Thomas Cooper and Amanda O'Dell. They moved to Washington County from Pulaski County between 1850 and 1854.

The following are known details about this family:

(1) Agleston Thomas Cooper (1822- Abt 1890)married Amanda O'Dell (March
1821- April 17, 1896) on March 12, 1840 in Pulaski Co. Va.
Children: Chester B (1841 - 1932), William Floyd (Abt. 1845-?), Margaret (Abt. 1846-?), Sarah E (Abt. 1848-?), Martha (Abt. 1850-?), Nancy (abt 1852-?), James Monroe (abt. 1854 - March 1941), Lewis A (Abt. 1856-?), Agleston (Abt 1860), Alfred Jacob (Abt 1861-abt Jun 1894), Amanda Leonora (1863-April 24, 1896)

Agleston and family appear in 1850 census record for Pulaski Co. Va. By 1854 they had moved to Washington county Va. based upon information in the will of Abraham O'Dell filed in Pulaski County. At the end of the Civil War, Agleston went to live in Kentucky and had a second family. Agleston was in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY in 1880 with his wife (2nd) Emily - her 1st husband was a Schuler. Agleston (Eggelstein) is listed as age 59, she is 50. He is a Dairyman. Her son Mike Schuler, age 19 is living with them he drives a milk wagon. Family story is that Agleston did eventually return to his first family in Washington Co and died sometime in 1890s and is buried in an unmarked grave in Gum Hill Cemetery near Amanda O'Dell.

(2)Chester B Cooper Married Rhoda Leonard (March 16, 1843-Dec. 22, 1926) lived in Washington Co.Va. Children's names not recovered.
(2)William Floyd Cooper married Martha Hartsock - Washington Co. Va. Their children were Cassie B., Amanda, Mary J., William J., Maggie E., Emma F., Cloyd D., John C., Lydia, Gracie Lee, Charles R., Leslie, and James M.. William Floyd maintained a jewelry store in Bristol Va. in 1890s and early 1900s.
(2) Margaret married Thomas Hartsock and they had children Mary Elizabeth (b 1867), William B (b 1864), Charles (b 1873), John.
(2) Sarah E married James Alfred Booher - no information on children.
(2) James Monroe Cooper married Mary Ann Ratliffe (b 1861) on July 4, 1878 in Washington Co. Va. Their children were James Abraham, Amanda (b June 1890), and Gracie (b abt 1898)
(2) Lewis Cooper married Susan Booher - no data on any children
(2) Amanda Leonor (Meadie) Cooper had common law husband Elbert Lewis (Rant) Barker. Her children retained the Cooper Surname - Clarence Jesse Cooper, Chester Morgan Cooper, and Amanda. The three Amanda(s) (grandmother- mother-daughter) all died within 1 week of each other during Flu epidemic of 1896 and all three are buried side by side in Gum Hill Cemetery.

(2) Alfred Jacob Cooper Married Jane Vada Ratliffe (b 1863) in Washington Co. Va. on July 18, 1878 (two weeks after they brother and sister married). They had children James Alexander (b July 1880- Jan. 5, 1934), Rhoda (b 1881), Jenny, Isaac Bee, and Margaret. Alfred died around June 1894 after being struck by lightning while working on a water cistern. Jane Vada married Henry Hutchens a couple of months later. Alfred was buried in unmarked grave in Malone Cemetery in Washington Co Va.

(3) James Alexander Cooper married Mary Myrtle Leonard( May 14, 1886-Feb. 2, 1968) in Bristol Va. on Jan. 20, 1903. Their children were: Susie Bell (b Jan. 27, 1904), Letha Dora (b Jun 7, 1905), Bertha Hazel (b May 12, 1907), John William (b Jan 5 1910- Aug 12, 1979), Euna Thelma Julia Lana Lebina Blanch (b March 12, 1912) - the whole family picked a middle name, Charmie Kate (b Sept 4, 1914), James Cleveland (b May 21, 1916), David Woodrow (b Sept. 20, 1918) and Jessie Lucille (Nov 29, 1920). James (Jimmy) was killed in a coal mining accident. The coal 'exploded' outward from roof pressure - type of accident known as a 'bump'. He also ran a part time watch/clock repair shop in Appalachia in Wise County Va. His workbench is in the possession of Jack Cooper in Florida - son of John (Johnny) William Cooper.
(4) John William married Pearl Glover. Their children were: Jack, Hugh Edward, Margie Ruth, Judy, Mary Alice, and Larry. Lived in Andover, Wise County Va.
(4) Susie Bell married Jess McConnell. Children Rose Helen, James Bud, Margaret, Harry, Jerry Wayne, J C , and Hugh Lived in Rose Hill, Lee County Va.
(4) Letha Dora married Clyde Boyd, Children Clyde Jr (may 6 1924), Charles (Aug 14, 1926), Louise (Aug 28, 1929), Bobby (Feb 15, 1939), Chester Ray (Jan 26, 1936), Rebecca Lee (Sept 5 1947) Lived in Kimberley WV.
(4) Bertha Hazel married John Bass on Sept 05, 1923. Children: Mary Ruth, John Wade, Phyllis Yoonne, James Wallace, Patricia Ellen, Donald Robert. Lived in Kingsport Tn.
(4) Euna married Emmitt Palmer Smith - children: Wilma Jean, Sue, Ronnie, Ruby, and Billy Joe Lived In Wise County BSG.
(4) Charmie Kate married Richard Thomas Hamilton. Children: Niomi Ruth, Marcella Janette, Priscilla, Conrad Wayne, Gary Mathew, James Douglas, Johnny Ray, Linda Sue, Thomas Dean, Shelia Elaine, and Debra Kay.
(4) James Cleveland (JC) married Essie Tankersly - Their children were Jim and Billy. They lived on Boggs Ave in Appalachia, Wise Co. Va..
(4) David Woodrow (DW) married Nannie Kilgore. They lived in Coeburn Va. and had no children
(4) Jessie Lucille married William G Rutherford - Children were Bill, Jerry, Charles, and David

(3) Rhoda married Oliver Stratten on 14 May 1897 - marriage record shows Roda's parents as Jacob and Vadney. This record identifies Alfred's middle name and also verifies family history of Vadney nickname.
(3) Jenny married Bob Hutchens - lived on Barker St in Bristol Va.
(3) Isaac Bee married Ellen Leonard. They had children Louie (b Feb. 14, 1911), Elizabeth (Lizze) (b March 5 1902, Viola Catherine (b March 28, 1915), Isaac B Jr. (b Feb 02, 1927), Alfred David (b. October 26, 1922), Samuel Lee (b Dec. 26,1924), Billy Joe (b Aug 13, 1929) and Paul Joel Cooper. They lived on Boggs Ave in Appalachia, Wise Co. Va..(4) Isaac B Jr. married Ann Lawson, children: Michael Dennis, Gerald Robert, Stephen Ray and John B.
(4) Paul Joel married Carolyn Eberhardt and resided in Maryville, Tn. They had children Helen Lane and Joel.

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