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From: "Lilly Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [SYRIA] Grazi Family
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 10:36:03 +0300
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Hello Alan,

The old records of Aleppo, Syria are most likely not easy to access.
Old Ottoman Turkish Empire period records are not maintained.

However, here is what I suggest: there is a Jewish Cemetery in Aleppo which
is extremely well maintained. Someone could go to that cemetery and start
taking notes, and or photos of all graves which correspond to the names you
are looking for.

Additionally, the Synagogue in Aleppo may have some records, or perhaps a
history professor might have some ideas as to who or where to look for
additional information.

Talking with local Jewish families in Aleppo might also shed some light.

This would be my idea as a starting place.

I will reply back to you.
Best regards,
Lilly Martin

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From: "Alan J. Kania" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 5:47 AM
Subject: [SYRIA] Grazi Family

> OK -- it's time to get my wife's family history research roaring into
> gear. I've been going through Ellis Island records, Ancestry-com, and
> other sources and have a good understanding about the family in this
> country (it's huge). Now it's time to start looking overseas for older
> records. Here is a summary of what I know so far.
> Joseph Grazi (also known as Tourgeman -- possibly his profession as a
> translator) married Salha (Sacha) Cabasso. I have no additional
> information about them. They were all Jewish.
> They had several children:
> a. Selim (Solomon) Joseph Grazi (born approximately 1882 in Persia /
> Aleppo, Syria). He married Elizabeth Orloff.
> b. Farida (Frieda) Grazi (born in Aleppo, Syria) married Rabbi Moshe
> (Moses/Mousa) Mizrahi who was born in Barbeekle, Turkey
> c. Latife Grazi married Rabbi Eliyahu Husney
> d. Ezra Joseph Grazi (born 14 October 1892 in Egypt, died February
> 1978 in the USA) married Fortune Manashe Sutton (born 17 October 1897
> in Egypt, died 17 January 1974 in the USA)
> e. Vita Joseph Grazi (born 2 March 1892 in Aleppo, Syria, died
> January 1981) married Allegra Cabasso in Egypt / Aleppo, Syria)
> Selim's son, Sid Grazi will turn 94 years old next month and his mind
> is still extremely sharp. He clearly remembers his father telling him
> that the family definitely came from Aleppo, Syria. The various
> America papers (immigration, ship's manifests, census, military draft
> applications, etc.) are inconclusive -- some say Egypt, others say
> Aleppo, Syria or Persia.
> Because of my father-in-law's advanced age, I would like to find
> information about his grandparents or beyond that while he is still
> alive to appreciate the information. I have the entire Grazi family
> working on providing the details of all the members of the family who
> came to the United States (quite a few came to the states via Cuba,
> Panama, and South America). They were in the import-export trade
> business.
> Would the older records be in Syria, Egypt or Turkey? How would I go
> about hiring a researcher who can find additional documentation,
> photograph the records, and provide me with translations into English?
> I would like to proceed on this mission as soon as possible.
> Best wishes,
> Alan Kania
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