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From: Colleen Eagan <>
Subject: Re: Infamous Ancestor?
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 14:26:00 -0500

At 07:33 PM 1/31/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Colleen,I had a great Uncle who took on too much one evening and upon
>stumbling off the porch of the saloon,ran into a horse.Not wanting to
>walk alllllllll the way out to the family farm,he climbed on and rode
>off.About an hour later a posse from town rode up,entered the house,drug
>him out of the bed,took him into the yard and were going to string him
>up in his own front yard.My gfather,his brother -in-law talked them out
>of lynching him by suggesting banishment from the township,county and
>state For life . He is buried in the state capitol of an adjoining
>state,never having set foot on his native state again. In a
>lighter vein.This prominent Republican politican became deathly ill.The
>only thing that could save him was a transfusion from some one who had
>recovered from the horrible malady.It was in a sparcely populated
>mountain county and the only acceptable donor(one who had recovered) was
>a life long,rock ribbed Democrat! The ill Republican politican thought
>long and hard,could he stand to have Democratic blood coursing through
>his veins? The alternative being so drastic,he decided to have the
>transfusion and take the chance.He did! He LIVED! When asked if he
>experienced any ill effects from the transfusion of Democratic blood he
>replied," I am forced to admit,NONE of my worst fears came to be.The
>ONLY thing that I find different is that EVERY time I pass a pasture
>full of HORSES ,I have an irresistible urge to STEAL one" Now you
>have two horse stealing stories,one true .and one not so true but
>possible.Which one? What do you think? Joe
I like it, Joe,

I think I have two horse thief stories. Don't you?
Always accept your ancestors for their reality. It's their life and are
entitled to every bit of it, warts and all (as the saying goes).
Your political twist reminds me of a true story, too. My children's
great-grandparents on their father's side were courting (pre-1900). He was
a Democrat, owner of the local newspaper and a Methodist. She was the
daughter of a prominent Republican family in the town and a Presbyterian.
So they made a deal, when he asked her to marry him. She would marry him
and become a Democrat if he would become a Presbyterian. Yeh...


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