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From: Iron Duke <>
Subject: Awful ancestors
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 14:09:41 -0600 (CST)

I dont have any criminal ancestors I know about but here is something
incriminating someone else's ancestor. As an example of how one can be
misled by family data consider the following:

My Great Aunt Bertha McHenry McLean always said my g grand father was in
Pryor's 6th Texas Cavalry CSA and at the Battle of Mansfield, La and that my
great grand uncle, Thomas D McHenry was killed there in sight of his
brother, my g grandfather William P. Since I had determined that the 6th was
not at this battle, I wrote the Confederate Center at Hill College in
Hillsboro and asked where Thomas had been killed.

The answer was that they were in the 2nd Texas Cavalry, 2nd Texas Mounted
Rifles, Company A, CSA. Several colonel's names.

Private Thomas was killed in action at Lafourche Crossing, La on June 25,
1863. This is close to Mansfield. They sent me the muster rolls.

Sgt Wm went to New Mexico and Az thereafter. That was not in the letters I
had from him to his future wife.

An oddity is that I have a book called Houston County in the Civil War and
it shows William marching in a veteran's parade in 1880 and lists him in the
6th. Did he change his story?

I also caught my dear aunt in another one. Here it is in her words:

"Elizabeth and Mattie McCelveys father was shot from ambush in
Dec, 1860, as he rode home from going over his plantation as
was his habit. The fine grey mare which he rode came home running
up to the large gate ,which led up to an avenue of Sycamore trees
leading to the home. The mares return with blood on her and the
saddle was the familys harsh introduction to pioneer living.

James L. McCelveys murderer never cane to trial. He was shot in
his jail cell by a group of friends and his brother John McCelvey.
This occurred at Old Randolph at this tine the County seat of
Houston County."

I recently got a copy of his will in SC and the probate of it. A signed
statement by his daughters says that they did not know where he was killed,
probably in SC or Ga! Now the only source for Aunt Bertha's tale had to have
been her mother who was one of those who signed the statement. How could she
have made something like that up?
Joe in Austin
equitare arcum tendere et veritatem dicere

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