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From: Colleen Eagan <>
Subject: Scots Pot Stills?
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 16:03:33 -0500

Yes, the responses were noteworthy to my infamous ancestor entry. I thank
one and all for your contributions, suggestions, commiserations and book
selections. I shall take them all to heart...
Would it be too much trouble, Linda? I am sure there are lots of SI related
books that we have, but maybe others haven't read? Not a big, big, list,
but a basic kind for new members who want to catch up or some who want to
add one. We could start with five or six, then post it for a week and begin
adding one every few days until the list is ten books long and then drop the
top one or two as others are added. We could refer newbies to THE S-I
LIBRARY? I highly recommend James G. Leyburn's "The Scotch-Irish, A Social
History. It really got me into what my ancestors were all about.
All the talk about toddies and whiskey, Blue Label or no, rang my bell about
the item in the inventories of my ancestor's estates: the pot still, aka in
the records as steels. Historians and/or journalists referred to the
Scotch-Irish or those moving from hill to hill "carrying their pot stills
wherever they went." I could not find any definitve description of the "pot
still," how big it was, how the drink was mixed, what was used, how much it
would make, what the pot was made of (wood, metal)?
Are they still used anywhere or has it gone the way of the piggin? My 3rd
great grandfather, John MCCONNELL, was a cooper, so I can throw words like
piggin out there. <;-)

Thanks for listening,

Colleen McConnell Eagan
Gainesville, FL

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