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From: Edward Andrews <>
Subject: scotland and Britain
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 21:59:57 +0000

> Leslie Campbell wrote:

> Anyone want to educate me? My Great-grandfather was from Scotland,
> and in the British Army in India in the late 1800's (see reference
> below). I'm sure I'm showing my ignorance, but I don't understand
> how Scotland is "British"....okay, I didn't pay attention in history
> and geography! Be nice, It's taken me a while to get up the nerve
> to ask such a stupid question!
Off the coast of Europe there is a group of Islands. The two main
ones are called Great Britain and Ireland.
This group are called the British Isles.
Historically the big Island - Great Britain is made up of the
Principality of Wales, and the Kingdoms of Scotland and England.
We do not need to say anything about the relationship between England
and Wales.
Scotland and England had a history of conflict. In 1603 the King of
Scotland became king of Scotland and England, In 1707 the two
countries were united with the one parliament.
Developments in the twentieth century have meant that recently there
have been moves to set up a devolved parliament for Scotland.
Thus it was that the scottish regiments were part of the British
To save you asking
The king of England became the King of Ireland in early times.
Subsequently through there was great tension between the people of
Ireland and the English, later Scotland and England, Ireland and the
United Kingdom were united in 1801.
This was generally unpopular in Ireland, and from 1922 the majority
of the land mass of Ireland gained increasing independence from the
The six north-eastern counties, which had been heavily settled by
Scots and English from the 17th Century however stayed as part of the
UK, with the title of Northern Ireland.
Much of the work of the S-I list is enquiring into the movement of
the Scots to Ireland, mainly, but not exclusively to the six
north-eastern counties, and then on to America.
Edward Andrews

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