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From: <>
Subject: Re: Ornery
Date: 1 Feb 1998 18:36:20 EDT

I live in the woods and my nearest neighbor has two mules. Those silly
things know when Rick's truck is coming up the road and make the
loudest, most awful sounds the minute the truck turns in, about 1/2 mile
away. When my grandaughters were visiting last fall, we went out on the
porch about 10:00 pm to look at the stars. Suddenly those mules started
braying. The girls nearly tore the door off the hinges trying to get in
the house.
It's a pretty spooky sound in the dark.
PO>I really hate to get back into this after having started it,but not
PO>badly enough not to do so. I just could not pass up the example of the
PO>"ornery mule".As any ole'country boy(or girl) (see I AM learning) knows
PO>a mule is strong of body AND strong of will,very much his own master and
PO>when ever the mood strikes him,will sound off loudly and can be heard a
PO>far piece.Resists being put upon by planting his feet and refusing to
PO>budge, Are much quicker to learn than a horse,and has sense enough to
PO>stop eating before he founders and quite literately blows up. And
PO>last but not least,his forebearers transported our Lord and HIS dear
PO>mother,a very close relationship. In a lighter vein, How many of you
PO>know that the "mule" capitol of the world is Columbia,Tenn.? Take care
PO>all, Joe PS in case you might think otherwise,I loved my
PO>ole' mule.Just cause I could'nt recognize him coming toward me,doesn't
PO>mean that I didn't know him going away,which is how I saw him 99% of the

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