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From: <>
Subject: Some Neighbors!
Date: 1 Feb 1998 19:37:34 EDT

Thank you for a great laugh.

GI>Things have been so peaceful on the list that it is a veritable example of
GI>kindness and harmony.

GI>I think that you all might enjoy a couple of old news account.

GI>Kittanning Gazette. 7 Nov. 1827 >>> Mr. William GRIFFITH, Morgantown, on
GI>Mon. evening last, was attacked by two ruffians on the road near
GI>Belleville, Washington Co., and robbed of $25.00

GI>Kittanning Gazette 21 Nov. 1827 >>> The robbers of Mr. GRIFFITH, mentioned
GI>7 Nov., have been captured near Morgantown and they are his neighbors.


GI>Kittanning Gazette 31 Aug., 1825. >>>Dun colored mare stolen from the
GI>pasturefield in Franklin Twp. Owner Mr. John LAUFFER offers a reward of

GI>Now to place this is proper perspective you must understand that Franklin
GI>Twp. is adjacent to and contiguous with Sugar Creek Twp. on the north, and
GI>that in these times the reward for a run-a-way servant was .06 cents.

GI>Kittanning Gazette 21 Sept., 1825 >>>Stray mare found on the plantation in
GI>Sugar Creek Twp. of Robert ORR, Sr. Owner is to come forward and move the
GI>property, pay charges, and take her away.<<<

GI>Linda Merle mentioned Blue Label Whisky. I think the lady knows her stuff.
GI> Here is an account from her hometown newspaper, BUTLER SENTINEL 1 Mar.

GI>>>>Melancholy accident: Tues., 5th inst., Mr. Robert WOODS, Moon Twp.,
GI>Beaver Co., drowned in Elk Run near Mr. CRISWELL's Mill-dam. He was going
GI>to Mr. CRISWELL's Mill for a grist and stopped in at a still-house, got
GI>some liquor and then went on to the mill, rode up to the mill door, but
GI>never spoke -- turned about, and was going home. Mr. CRISWELL hallowed to
GI>him that his grist was done, but he never spoke -- went on up the run and
GI>fell off his horse into about 1 foot of water and was not found till the

GI>John Giacoletti

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