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From: Edward Andrews <>
Subject: Re: Scots Pot Stills?
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 00:50:27 +0000

linda Merle wrote:

> Good question! We have a pot -- a massive iron thing, which I think came
> down through our German-irish line. I beleive we were told as children
> it was
> used by the ancestors who were witches to brew their spells, but we were
> told they were white witches. The black witches lived at the other end
> of
> the village. Don't they always????
> My mother keeps pine cones in it.
A pot still is a way of producing Whisk(e)y.
Basically it is c container in which the wash can be heated to boll
off the alcohol, and a "worm" a length of thin pipe which is cooled,
in which the alcohol is condensed.
Technically the pot still is used to produce malt Whisk(e)y, as
opposed to the Coffey still which is used to produce commercial grain
Commercial Pot stills are used in Scotland to produce malt Whisky and
in Ireland to produce whiskey - in Scotland it is twice distilled, in
Ireland it is triple distilled.
A pot still is also used to produce Poteen, an illegal fluid.
I believe that they are also used in the former colonies to produce a
local brew often called moonshine.
As private distillation is illegal throughout the British Isles, I
could not possibly comment on how it is done.
PS there is a picture of a pot still on bottles of Bushmills.
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