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Subject: Re: Redneck Heaven
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 01:07:15 EST

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<< If you want to experience some real
Scots and Irish music and dancing,go to a Folk Festival somewhere in the
Appalachian,Allegeny,Blue Ridge,Cumberland or Great Smokey Mountains.
S,I and SI are alive and well . In most of the music the fiddle is the
lead instrument.Particularily on the fast pieces ,you can't tell it from
a Scots or Irish ole' country piece,in many instances they are the same
tune.One thing I will promise,when they are really "gettin down" ,you
can't stand still,even the most staid will pat their foot. What a
wonderful heritage we ALL have,let's share it gladly. Take care,Joe


And if you get tired of the mountains, just amble on down to Lafayette,
Louisiana and take in some of that Cajun Style Celtic music. The beat is a
little different, but the Cajuns are our bretheren, and they are always ready
to "Let the good times roll".

Bill Shaughnessy

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