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Subject: HAGGIS: Recipe for the brave
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 13:06:30, -0500

Warning: If you are SQUEEMISH - hit the DELETE key !!

From my 1968 Scottish Women's Rural Institutes Jubilee
Cookery Book comes this recipe (flame me not for off-topic
or I'll send you some):

1 lb lean mutton
2 cupfuls oatmeal
4 onions
1/4 lb suet
1 pint liquid
pepper and salt
stomach bag of sheep and the pluck
(pluck=lights, liver and heart)

Wash the stomach bag in cold water and salt. Boil pluck for
1 1/2 hours, leaving windpipe attached and hanging out of pot
in order that impurities may pass out. When cooked and cold,
cut away windpipe and any skin and gristle adhering to it.
Mince the pluck (leaving out some of the lights) along with
mutton and suet. Toast oatmeal in the oven and chop onions and
herbs (if desired). Put into a bowl the minced ingredients, toasted
oatmeal, chopped onions, herbs, salt and pepper. Add about 1 pint
of the liquid in which the pluck was boiled and mix all together
of a soft consistency. Take sheep's bag and fill a little more than
half full (allow room for the meal to expand). Sew up tightly, prick,

and tie in cloth. Put into a pan of boiling water with a plate at the

bottom and boil for three or four hours. Prick occasionally to
prevent bursting.

I also have a recipe for sweet haggis, if anyone would like it :>
Made with the sheep's stomach and substituting raisins for the
other "sheep parts".

There's also a recipe for Sheep's Head Broth, should you find
it necessary to use -all- of the parts of your sheep.
<waste not, want not?>
Or how about Hatted Kit, which has you start by carring your
dish to the side of a cow to milk it... Drat... I need a cow...

Cheers, and bon appetite!

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