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From: <>
Subject: Re: Mail Problems
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 13:13:50 EST


I had the same problem with the type going small on me last nite. My sister
was on line at the same time so I forwarded a note for her to see. It arrived
on her end in normal type size. I bet I read 20 notes in the small size.
When I got to the end of my mail and before I closed the "new mail" box, I
went back to one note to write a response. This time when the previously
small type note opened, the type size was normal. I checked several others
and it was the same thing. Previously small, now normal.

Wonder if this is an AOL problem? Hummm?! One day last week, I had several
pieces of "new" mail that I could not access when I initially tried to read
them. Sometimes they would open after a couple tries. Others opened the next
time I was on-line. One piece in particular didn't open until much later in
the day after more than several attempts during seperate on-line periods.

Any other list members experiencing similar mail problems?

Sharon in MO

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